Hip-Hop and Metallic

It is safe to indicate that the influence of substance use and abuse has surpassed the normal phenomenon of emulating the drug addicts since the youth and the young adults have took to embracing the cultures, lifestyles and celebrities behavior as it is being featured in the mass media coverage across the globe. With the presence of the social media sites like Face book and Tweeter, the act of embracing the entertainment lifestyles and cultures has been made even more possible. This is because of the easily available internet networks across the globe. Hip-hop and Metallic rock music styles, which have been perceived to be the most emulated forms of popular music, have been used as a platform for which rebellion and retreating sub-cultural perspectives were founded.

For instance, Hip-Hop fanatics who emulated and embraced the genre were perceived to consider themselves as a part of a specific ulture which promoted violence and substance use and abuse in that matter. The Hip-Hop Culture as it is known is said to consist of members who view violence and gangster way of life as a fundamental platform through which they could express their views to the public at large. In order to become a loyal member of these cultures, individuals are expected to associate themselves with certain lead music characters in the entertainment industry.Activities encouraged in this way of living include, wearing of buggy pants, intense forms of sexual activities as well as being intoxicated with any form of drugs whether legit or illicit altogether. Celebrities are people who are able to influence a particular set of individuals into conforming to matters which they advocate for.

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Nowadays, it has been a common occurrence that most people particularly the youth and the adolescents emulate almost everything that these celebrities undertake. These celebrities are perceived as role models to this particular set of population so that they embrace everything they perform in the bid to meet specific goals and targets. Other genres like Hard Rock music also influence their fanatics in a similar way so that the culture of Gothicism is followed by those interested in getting “wasted” through substances such as heroine, Meth and Cocaine.With the aforementioned facts, it is safe to indicate that the issue of substance use and abuse in the entertainment industry is passed from the stars down to the starters. The primary characters (stars) are involved in the consumption of various substances both licit and illicit all the same while the starters in their respective desire to be successful embark on conducting themselves just as the celebrities in order to climb the social ladder within their societies.