Homework, when searched on Google its defined as the piecework done at home for pay. Other resources define homework as paid work done at home, or schoolwork that a student is required to do at home. So my first question is why is homework paid work? Is it because if we don’t do it we have to pay a price? And is that the case for every teacher? No. So why is homework so valuable to others and why is not so valuable to others. Also, why has its decline and incline varied over time.

In this article I’ll show you my research on homework and its value and non-values. The value of homework actually is very essential to a student’s progress. Homework itself is given so that students can prepare or practice upon what their learning. Homework also allows teachers and students to work together interactively. After a topic has been taught teachers and students can discuss homework before, or after class.

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Many teachers take the time to go over homework in the beginning of class, as they try to asses what you need help wit, or what the class is doing well on overall. This is big because this is where teachers and students have their biggest social and interactive collaboration, through homework. The second benefit for homework is, it actually brings families closer. When a child asks their parents for help, the child does not only gain in depth advice or help from their parents, as parents allow themselves to be more involved in their children’s educational lives. Doing homework is also a great way to develop responsibilities. By being assigned homework and knowing that it has a due date the very next day, just turning your work on the due date helps students to become very punctual and on the dot with all their work.

On the other side of the field, the cons with Homework combine to create a lot of anxiety that is not good for any student. Students need time to take work of their mind, but having a long day at school and then having a pile of homework right after doesn’t help students, but rather breaks them. On that note, homework also takes time from family time. The time in which kids could be socially interacting or enjoying and spending time with theirfamily, in that time slot they are rather doing their homework. Pulling them away from their families. Too much homework surprisingly can even encourage cheating.

As students pile upmore and more homework, most of the time since they can’t finish all their work. They hit up friends who are in the same situation as then, as they both try to figure out ways to get their answers, whether online or off themselves. Some students even get rewarded for their cheating by mistake, which grants students no benefit at all. Another downside to homework is not on students necessarily, but teachers as well. How? Teachers don’t always have time to grade homework assignments, because they have to prepare lessons, tests quizzes, projects, etc.

Homework itself is not always first on the list for all teachers, that’s why most of the time teachers who grade homework assignments end up returning work when the class has already moved on to a new topic. Though there may be a lot of definitive reasons why homework is beneficial, or non valuable to the school community. Its best that we just ride the waves while we’re on the sea. Truthfully we’re not going to be going to school forever. But now that we are going to school its best to just do the homework while its assigned to us. Were not going to be in high school forever and for the ones going to college, when homework hits in college you’re not going to be doing homework in college forever either.

So while we’re doing it now let’s look on the brighter side and do what’s more beneficial for us.