Life Is Too Short for Homework

Many people have there own opinions on homework. People’s true meaning of homework states “Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge.

” Mostly everyone has false things to say about homework. We spent a lot of time on homework just to get a good grade and it’s not fair for us. Homework causes us to stay up late and wake up in a bad mood. Even if it’s small homework it is still homework and it takes our time. Students having homework brings us stress in our lives. I don’t believe that us students deserve homework and there is many reason why we don’t.

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Having homework is already stressful to think about. We think about the homework we don’t do throughout the day and it’s either because we don’t feel like doing it or we are busy with other more important stuff. Homework is the last thing us students want to do. We already do a lot in school, we do a lot of class work in school throughout the day. Most homework that we get is to just review what we did today on that class basically. I think it’s dumb because if we go to school for 6 hours, we don’t need to add an extra time of our school work.

Especially if we get homework on the weekends then the teachers are overdoing it. We have lives you know and it’s even hard for the teachers giving out the homework. The teachers have to grade our homework and it makes it harder for them. We all need a break if the teachers don’t give us homework then the teachers don’t have homework also, and we can enjoy our week. We don’t deserve homework, having it makes us so stressful and it makes us so tired that we are not getting enough sleep. It is easier for both of us teachers and students to not get homework.

Homework is lame and takes too much time. We don’t want to think about homework and worrying about when we are going do it. We want to think about how good this week is without homework.