I 100% May Not Hate High School

I hate high school. I can’t wait to go to college.

But I can’t hate high school 100%. It has taught me some of life’s greatest lessons. Like: Getting to know who someone REALLY is. Why drama is evil in any scenario other than the class. What kind of people are really worth befriending and who you could just speak to and forget about.

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How to deal with people who are less intelligent than you and people who are complete retards and the ghettos and the “ratchets” and the complete and utter inferior minded (stupid people). It has also taught me that time heals the greatest of wounds no matter how large and that when life looks to be at it’s worst, you must stay calm and rationalize. Life is too short to be sad, angry, depressed, or indifferent. Life will pass you by no matter what your feelings are so be the emotion that feels the best and takes less muscles in your body to be, being happy. Life is unfair but always gives you opportunities. How you learn from mistakes and flaws is how mature, strong, and humble you can become.

Whether or not there is an after life shouldn’t have to determine what kind of person you can be now. Be the best, because everyone appreciates that.