I Am a Dreamer

Having dreams is like setting goals to succeed and accomplish big things in your future.

I have always pictured myself being successful. I use to dream about so many things when I was younger but I?ve always pictured myself becoming a nurse. Making goals was something I?ve always done because my mind was always set on the goals and so far I have accomplished some. I want to be focused on one of my biggestdreams now that I?m getting getting closer to finishing high school, which is becoming a nurse. In order to become a nurse I have to get good grades in high school.

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Throughout my last two years of high school I will make up classes that I failed my freshman and sophomore year with a B or better. My last two years of high school I will turn in every assignment that I am assigned in all of my classes to keep my grades up. I would also have to pay attention in every class and study after school to do goo in the SAT. To earn more credits I also have to take a 7th period my junior year and senior year. My goal is to have at least a B or higher in every class.

Once I have all the credits I need and have good grades I know I will be able to graduate from high school. After graduating from high school I still plan to continue on going to school which would be college. Going to Sac State would be a big step closer to my dreams. I would need a financial aid so that I can get help on paying college. Once I get accepted to college I would need a job so that I can get my own car for transportation.

With the job I would also pay for the books I will need for college. The full years of college I will just be focused in school so that I can become a great nurse. I will enjoy taking care and helping others with their health.