Influenza Case Study

The second case study of the semester is centered around the topic of influenza. There are two areas of reading/research for this case study. The first (homework ) pertains to a pandemic influenza that affected people worldwide in 1918-1919. The second (homework #2) involves research Into more current strains of Influenza that have been found. Please type a response/explanation to the seven questions listed below. You may put both homework assignments on the same page(s).

Be sure to use your own words and not copy text directly from the article/research you do. Cite all sources used and bring two copies to class on the due date. A portion of the case study grade will be derived from the class discussion on Influenza; therefore, It Is Important to be present In class on class discussion day to earn these points. (See your unit 3 schedule for more Information about due dates. ) Homework : Obtain and read article -“Capturing a killer flu virus”. Jeffrey K Tabernacles, Ann Reid, and Thomas G.

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Fanning in Scientific American, Volvo. 2. Pages 62-71 : January 2005. Read pages 64-69 as an introduction to the influenza virus and the 1 91 8 pandemic. Stop before the section “Seeking the Source”.

Also read the section at the end entitled “Persistence Pays Off’. (1) What are the pros and cons to reviving the 1 91 8 strain of virus and what is your overall assessment as to whether this research should occur or not? Discuss in detail. (2) What made this strain of influenza so virulent? Explain in detail. Homework #2: Research current avian influenza virus circulating (such as HON.,


, HON.). (World Health Organization website (WHO), CDC and flu. Gob have some excellent information). (3) What is the significance of these avian influenza viruses? (4) Why is the outbreak level of these strains continually monitored by WHO and government groups? (5) Provide details about some recent cases in humans. Be sure to designate the particular virus that you are discussing.

(6) What is the overall public health risk at this time and why? (7) What are the similarities and differences between the Spanish (1918) flu and HON. /HON.?