Case Study on HIV

HIV Case Study:

Human immunodeficiency virus is the infection the last stage of which causes the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).HIV is the most terrible diagnosis which can be heard nowadays, because people know that the disease can not be cured. HIV belongs to the dangerous infections which damage and gradually ruin the immune system of a human. With the run of time the virus causes AIDS and then the slightest disease will be extremely dangerous for life.

For example, one can die because of flu or simple form of angina. The most typical way to catch the infection lies through the unsaved sex and through blood. The virus can be transferred from one person to another during the sexual contact, from the infected pregnant mother to her child, with breast milk, during the blood transfusion from the donor to the patient, etc. HIV was first discovered in 1981 in the USA and from that time the virus began to spread all over the world. Today the most infected with HIV regions of the world are located in Africa, because not long ago there was an enormous HIV epidemics and at least of two-third of the all ill people live there. Due to the activity of the international organizations which try to help stop HIV the situation in the Western Europe, the US, Japan, Canada and Australia is quite healthy.

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It is proved that HIV is especially dangerous for the poor countries and the disease only stops the development of the country making the poverty stronger.HIV is a serious problem of the modern society and everyone has heard about it a lot. The virus affects not only the health of people but the economical condition of the country and psychological health. Many people who have heard about HIV a lot become afraid of it and their behaviour becomes paranoiac. If one wants to prepare a successful HIV case study, he should devote much time to the research of the topic, because it is really vast and requires much attention. One should investigate the case site in detail, research the factors which have caused the problem and value the effect of the problem.

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