Is there anyone here that does (not) want to go to school?

Pitcher this. You’re in a happy place where troubles from family, friends, school, society, and anything else that you try to get away from go away. Nothing could make you happier until… BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Happy times over.

Tired? Want to relax for a few minutes? Too bad. The yellow car on four wheels will come soon to bring you to the last place you want to go. No it’s not hell. It’s school. Here’s a typical day. You wake up before the sun is even completely raised and have to get ready for about eight hours (give or take depending what grade you are in) of being told what to do while trying to stay awake and get home as soon as possible.

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First few periods you can barley keep your head up. It’s not even eight A.M. and you have paper work to be done or maybe an exam. Middle of the day and you’re half way through the all your classes. You’re finally fully awake but your body needs energy.

What’s worse? Having to go hungry or trying to stomach the ugly, disgusting (and sometimes still cold) food that the adults just defrost. What is that? Is pizza supposed to be that color? I think my food just moved. Please tell me the hair in it is mine. Please! End of the day. Only one period left.

You can feel your leg twitching to go any where but here. The bell finally rings. Free at last! But wait… you forgot your homework. What’s more fun after a hard day of school then having to do work after it’s over. Better find a comfortable spot because you got homework on most of the subjects and exams on the others. Have you had one (or many) school days like this? School is bad enough but why make us suffer? We need to learn but does suffering have to come with it.

I don’t think so. Here are some changes I would make. 1) Do we really need to get up before sunrise? If we move the hours more people would be awake and maybe less cranky in the morning. Which would you rather do have classes from eight A.M to four A.

M. or stick to your schedule. 2) I understand no phones in school but stop being a hypocrite. I can’t tell you how many times I caught my teachers on their phones. They say “We’ll take them away if we see them out” so does that mean if I see my teacher with his/her phone I get to take it away from them? Why not? Isn’t that fair? 3) We need air fresheners in the lockers room.

Have you smelled them? It’s like a barn full of animals died in there and after an exhausting P.E. class I can think of a million different smells I’d rather catch my breath in. Call me weird but I don’t want to go to a room that smells like spray on deodorant and urine. 4) Can we have food that’s good for a change? I once ate a hamburger in my school and got a stomach ache because of some under cooked meat.

How about food that people want to eat or at least won’t make people sick. And another thing I want to know is why are there vegetables in the vending machines now? If we don’t want them on line why would we want them from a machine? 5) “I don’t want to hear about it.” Seven words that cut like a knife. You have an amazing idea or opinion. No one else has thought of it and it could change people’s minds… but you can’t say it.

Why? Because the teacher said so. After all it’s not like we have freedom if speech in America right? 6) Quit dropping the F-bomb. Saying it every other sentence doesn’t make you mature. 7) Classes should be closer. Sometime you have classes completely on the opposite sides of each other. Could they be a little closer or at least have everyone moving in the hallways.

You know who I’m talking about. The group of people that have to clump together in the middle of the hallway and block every ones path so they could be late to their next class just like them. 8) Could classes be a little bit smaller? Smaller classes equal less noise which might lead to more people paying attention. 9) No uniforms. We have a right to express our self.

Don’t take that away. We are all different so don’t make us look the same. We should be accepting of peoples differences not telling them it’s wrong and when have uniforms actually look stylish. 10) No summer work. Why do we have work during summer? We had a long and stressful year of school and they feel we need summer work.

That’s like saying “You’re done with work but here is some to do over your vacation” Do they think we’ll miss school and Not want a vacation if they don’t give it to us. Don’t we deserve some time off without worrying about school. Be honest. Do theses changes make sense?