Journey to a Scholarship

Basquiat Picasso once said “This game is not for nice people this game is for young men that run around neighborhoods knowing if they don’t make a play they gonna die in that neighborhood.” This dream is not just something I want it’s something that is going to save my life . Since the 8th grade I’ve wanted this I’ve wanted to get out of Sacramento and receiving a football scholarship would make that happen. I know getting there will be hard nobody that lines up against me will be my friend I can’t be nice I have to do whatever it takes to make it out.

My dream is to receive a scholarship to play football in college.This has been my dream since the 8th grade when I started to play.I’ve stayed up at night watching my film imagining myself making them same plays in a college stadium wearing a college uniform.This dream will get me out of Sacramento and will help me get my mom out of Sacramento which is another dream of mines.I just love the feeling of being on that field and being able to use that to pay for my education would just be a dream come true. This is going to take a lot of hours of hard work and dedication and I will need to succeed on and off the football field.

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I will have to improve my competitive GPA to at least a 3.0 because without grades there is no way that you can receive a scholarship.I will also need to make a big impact on the field stats wise and also I need to be winner. Another thing I need to do is build my reputation by watching what I put on social media and doing things that will get me recognized as not only and great player but also a great person. Support is a big part of this journey as I will need support of everyone around me.

I will need my family to understand that I need to put a lot of time into this and I will probably miss a lot of thing of it.My coaches will support me by helping me through the recruiting process as well as put me at the best position to succeed and help the team win. My dream is to receive a full ride scholarship to play football in college.This dream is just the beginning of many dreams I have in life but it might be one of the most difficult to accomplish so I will put my all into this and will not stop until I make it.