Just Dreaming

“It was just a dream.” I told myself. Ever since my sister started driving its made me focused on is me buying my own car. Where is school in all of this? Well I don’t really know; I just did what I felt like doing.

My grades weren’t horrible, but they weren’t amazing. Everyday I sat in study hall researching blacked out sports cars like you would see in car magazines or even on TV. I asked for an extra two hours onto the three I was already working so I could get closer to buying the car I’ve dreamt about. I even got promoted for all of the hard work I have put in. But the more I worked, the more stressed I became. I slept during class, I was tardy, and focused only on my social life in school because I had no time outside of school.

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I knew I was making bad decisions. After thinking and talking with my family, I cut down my hours at work and focused on what really was important. Buying a car is time consuming and, not so rewarding. I began to get my grades up, by consistently going in for help and studying with my friends. Since I would talk to customers at work so much, I found it to be a lot easier to volunteer during class.

I learned a lot from working, but knew that I have the rest of my life to do those things. I know there will always be cars. The nightmare I’ve had my whole life has disappeared.