New Beginnings

As I started high school I was scared and nervous. I didn’t think I would make friends so fast or easily. But as more people came into my life as I transitioned into the high school life, I noticed I’m happier than before. I have never been so excited to go to school and be around all these new people I have met. I don’t feel as alone as I did in middle school.

High school has changed everything for me and not only with making new people. I have better grades and I’m working harder in class. Everyone says freshman year counts and you need to work hard. So that’s what I’m doing. In middle school I didn’t have good grades, so I’m turning it around this year. Everything that I work on in class will bring me closer to what I want to do after high school.

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I’m in these classrooms for a reason and I need to take that seriously. So as I continue this year I will work my hardest and don’t let anything get in my way.