Last Summer Class of 2012

Has anyone thought lately about how soon, less than a month, we will be seniors and then we will enter into the last summer of being in high school, our last summer of hopefully being under our parent’s roofs, our last summer of not actually having to have a job. This summer will symbolize the end of our childhood, the end of our teenage years, the end of high school, yes we have one more year but what is that year other than packing up and moving on to a brand new start after all that is what college is isn’t it ? You get a roommate they are your new best friend your new sister or brother they will be with you through all your tough and good times at whatever university you attend. College is a pair of huge doors waiting to welcome you too your future. Waiting to welcome you to leave your past behind. Welcoming you to hopefully what will be success and for my 4th period AP English class I’m sure that is where each and every one of us is headed.

Yes we are nervous, nervous that we won’t get that high score on the SAT worried about how all your relationships will end whether with boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sister, fathers or mothers these are all people you must not make your decisions around because after this summer your decision making is all about you and the way you choose to succeed whatever path you are taking. Some of us will go on to be Doctors, some lawyers, and some will take over a family business. I’m sure we’ll have a touch maybe not a huge touch but a touch to changing the world and I’m sure all together we will change millions of lives. Not just our 4th period AP class but the class of 2012 we are the last let’s face it normal class after us they are all strangely short skinny and obnoxious. We are the future we will be the stars of our generation and we will shine. We must go above and beyond what is good for us and try to help this dying planet we are living on today for our future generations our children won’t be able to have the same experiences we have been blessed with going to school across from a beautiful beach.

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There are so many things in life we take advantage of that will slip away if we let them. This last summer of ours it is one thing we can’t let slip away it is our big blowout our last chance to relax until we make those choices that will change our lives and so many others. So let’s go Seabreeze class of 2012 and make a difference in the world whether big or small it doesn’t matter because nothing we do, won’t matter after this summer, the last summer the summer of our dreams. So let’s have our fun then when we get back work as hard as we can to show the world what Seabreeze Sandcrabs are made of!