Letter to Maker of The Flash

Dear Greg Berlanti, My name is Collin and I live in Richmond, Virginia. As your crazy fan, I know every character in The Flash. I know what happens in every episode and season.

I know what happens at the end of season three, when you made Barry go into the speed force. Which left Iris in the middle of the street waiting for Barry. Then you had the guts to end the season. When I saw the end of the season my heart broke. I wanted to keep going, but I had to stop.

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Like when Barry tried to run from the speed force and couldn’t. You left all the Flash watchers in total sadness and left us with nothing. All the CW shows are over. You could have least gone one more month. Whenever I hear strawberry I think of Barry saving lives and getting the girls.

Whenever I see drum sets I think of H.R. and how he used the face mask. Which made him die for Iris. These all leave me in sadness and regret for not saving the whole season for the summer so I have something to watch.

When Barry said to Iris before he went in the speed force,” just keep running”. I felt like he said it to me and I couldn’t. I’m not insulting you or anything. I just want you to make every season longer and better than the last. I know you can do something about it and not leave us a heartbreak or nothing to watch except Stranger Things. So could you go to bed and at least think about it.

That would be great. From your biggest fan and friend