RPG Maker MV Review

RPG Maker MV Review Have you ever wanted to make your own rpg game? You may want to look into RPG Maker MV.

RPG Maker MV is a simple tool that you can use to, well make an rpg game. Today I will be reviewing it for its cost, tools, and is it worth it, Let’s get started! First off is the cost $79.99 on steam is a lot of money to spend. You can getting it cheaper on sale, but do you really want to spend $80 on this? Its very simple to use anyone can learn how to use it. A lot of big games have been made with RPG Maker’s like Misao and the Crooked Man.

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You can make your own games and if they’re good enough you can sell them! Like my friend Zalerinian, he is a programmer and scripter for the game “You are not the hero”. Now the tools you can use with RPG Maker. RPG Maker MV is just like RPG Maker Ace, but Ace had less tools you can use. You can write your own plugins or find some to use on the internet. RPG Maker Ace had more graphics and actors to use, but MV runs better than Ace does.

You can make a point and click style rpg with MV and you can port it to a website or on a phone, which you couldn’t do in Ace. You can control switches to set them when they go off, and make variables that will make it more advanced! Is it worth it? $80 might not be worth it unless you really like making games. I have more time with RPG Maker Ace and I think MV is better, but there is not many actors. The tilesets are great for both games, but MV has a better tileset. MV is a lot smoother than Ace is. I got this game free from Zalerinian’s friend, so maybe i’m not the best to talk about it.

Now that I talked about the cost, tools, and worth. If you really want to make an rpg game, and if you don’t like Game Maker, RPG Maker is for you! Maybe just not MV, Ace works almost the same but MV is shiny and new. Now, I’m off to make my own game, goodbye!