Looking Beyond

Growing up wasn’t such an easy task, but I think I’ve got it down pat now. It had been primarily due to my parents divorce when I was only two years old. My thoughts were a mess, and so was the environment I had been living in. Feelings of confusion, apprehension, and abandonment were present in this environment at that time. Several months passed, and the judge ordered that I must reside at my mother’s house. This not only meant some difficulties were going to arise, but some advantages would prevent themselves as well.

From third grade to fifth grade I experienced some rough times in my education. My grades were dropping, and I found my behavior towards others to be unacceptable. There had been some visits to the principal for my actions, and through this I saw things needed to change. Due to my behavior, I was looked down upon and that really did bother me because I just wanted to be like everyone else; however, it seemed as if things on the outside were interfering. The very next year everything changed.

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It was the middle of my sixth grade year where I soon realized those who mentioned the change in my residency benefiting me were definitely correct. Everyday I went to school with few worries, and was a firm believer that education was the key to my success. That had not been the case anytime before in my life. Teachers, friends, and even the SRO officers at East Middle School were the ones who had me striving for that pathway I must take to create success. Getting PAWS awards, Big East, and even high honor roll continued to inspire me to strive for even better things in life.

High school days hit, and I was encouraged to be the best I can be. Still, to this day, I achieve honor roll and on occasion high honor but never settle for any less. I take school very seriously, and love being around those who believe the same. My counselor, English teachers, friends, grandparents, and my mother have caused me to grow in the high school setting. Spending many hours turning the pages of Malcolm Gladwell’s next bestseller and Spilling Ink, I continue to strive for success.

Within the next few months I will be making a big decision. The one in which will direct the rest of my life. No matter what gets in my way, I am going to overcome the difficulties that will arise as I did while I was growing up. When I set my mind on something, I go out of my way to make sure my goal is accomplished, which in this case, is becoming a journalist.