M.A.R.E Vault

Students and teachers can’t wait for M.

A.R.E Fridays to start up again shortly. M.A.R.

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E awards are slips of paper you get for following the mustang way. Some ways you can get M.A.R.E awards are getting good grades, doing your homework, have good behavior, have good attendance, do your homework, and help around the school.

Most students say, “follow the mustang way!” or ” follow the rules and be good!” M.A.R.E awards are put in a bucket and the classroom teacher picks normally 2-3 M.A.

R.E awards that kids earned to go down and get prized. The number of M.A.R.

E awards picked from the classroom bucket is based on how many M.A.R.E awards are in there that two weeks. M.

A.R.E drawings go back in forth between 7th and 8th grade each friday. All of the M.A.

R.E awards not chosen in the classroom drawing get dumped into the mega M.A.R.E vault for a chance to win even bigger and better prizes.

The more M.A.R.E awards you get the more chances you have to get selected in the mega M.A.R.

E vault. When chosen on a Friday you are sent down to the M.A.R.E room to pick out a prize next door to mrs.

schreindl. There are things such as candy, drinks, toys, and much more! Students really enjoying picking from the prize room and also enjoy the excitement of finding out who’s gonna win on M.A.R.E Fridays. Students in their homeroom are always whispering, “I hope I win!” or ” I can’t wait to find out who wins!” Students who participate in M.A.R.E drawings usually have a great time and want to be better behaved so they can get M.A.R.E awards and win something from the prize room!