Making Progress In IDEO Case Study

All the projects go through following three activity sets 1 . Inspiration : Understand the problem from various sources and what kind of solution customer want and what is feasible solution by interacting with all possible stakeholders with project 2. Ideation: Concept generation, brainstorming, prototyping. Refinement towards single design on the basis of feasibility and economic analysis 3.

Implementation: Final design testing with user, clients and do the necessary changes as per the user requirement.

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This model was quite successful with In IDÉE, but one of regular client of IDÉE Con Agar Foods felt that they need to work with IDÉE on different model I. . Longer periods of engagement with fixed teams from IDÉE who exclusively work on projects from Con Agar Foods. IDÉE and Con Agar Foods agreed to the longer term concept of team and one dedicated team of IDÉE designers have been deployed with Con Agar Foods and results of this model were very encouraging and the IDÉE team was able to work on lot more impact project and both companies after completion of one year of this tie up decided to continue with the model.

Problem Definition IDÉE had culture of project base approach In Innovation, where designer have to ark with milestone and targets and IDÉE was successful with this culture for two decades .

This culture don’t give much freedom In given project as people have to meet the strict targets . Also designers have freedom to go to another project which can be entirely different from existing project, so verity of work designers can work on use to be huge and it use to big motivation factor for designers.

But in case of dedicated team for Con Agar Foods, the project structure was not that rigid and teams have much more independence. On the basis of first year it can be easily said hat this model resulted in more impacting work for Con Agar Foods by IDÉE and was definitely successful This success was real problem because for designer’s especially younger one the most inspiring think in designing is verity of work in which they can contribute in different ways.

This was the original model of Page 1 of 2 IDÉE and IDÉE believes that they were successful over two decades because of this model where designer were Inspired by verity of work they get to do with IDÉE. But new collaboration with Con Agar Food Challenges this concept because even though he work done in the first year was more impacting but lack on the verity quotient.

I nerve was possibility Tanat rater Inhalant success In tens model gleaner may no creative enough to do quality work because of repetitiveness of work Possible Alternatives 1.

IDÉE decide to go on its original model of short term projects with its customers and Clients. 2. IDÉE decide to work with its clients with on longer arrangements as done with the Con Agar foods 3. IDÉE decide to work in mix strategy and keep working in its original model of short term projects but choose to work on longer term arrangements with certain client here it feels it can contribute with greater impact projects Evolutions of Alternative 1.

If IDÉE decide to go with original model, it will help it to sustain the culture of project based innovation which is tested and tried successful model for company. It will also help the company to engage the talented designer who wants to do verity of work. But changing scenario in industry demands more impacting work from IDÉE which require long term association such as done with Con Agar Foods. Also some of the senior designer wants to do more impacting work 2. This alternative is Just opposite to the first alternative and advantages of first alternative become disadvantages here and vice versa 3.

This is mixed approach where best of two practices can be used for doing verity of work by young designer and when they matured and want to do more impacting work they can be part of long term association team with some quality customer like Con Agar and Innovator Schools.

This is most balanced and practical approach for future. In this approach IDÉE need to be very careful in choosing that with which company they should do short term projects and where long term projects will be fruitful for IDÉE ND other company.

Recommendation Our team propose alternative three of mixed approach for future. Implications We have defined design thinking as a concept where innovation is done to meet human needs in technical possible and economically feasible way. If we consider that approach IDÉE have to focus on more impacting project which is possible with long association with other companies. So company can do small duration project with certain companies to engage new designer in company but then they need to migrated to impacting work which is possible with longer association.

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