Essay on My Coach, and Friend

Freshman year, a year filled with new things, people, classes, and experiences. High school can be scary just starting out, and it’s nice to have someone you know you can go to.

Maybe it’s a friend, teacher, or counselor. For me it was my soccer coach, Coach Sandefur. Coach Sandefur is like a second mom to all of her soccer girls. All of the players know they can talk to Coach about anything they need to and she’ll understand. An even if she doesn’t understand she will still listen and give the best advice she can. I have played soccer since I was four years old and my freshman season was by far the best one.

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Coach Sandefur was a big part of that. Six and seven in the morning, all of the soccer girls would still be half asleep and dreading our workout we were about to experience. But as soon as Coach would walk in, usually eating her yogurt, the entire atmosphere changed. She had us up and laughing and encouraging us to do our best. Just when I felt like I couldn’t go on any longer, Coach Sandefur was right there behind me telling me I could do it.

The soccer seasons aren’t just filled with soccer, dirt and yellow cards. Our soccer seasons are filled with emotions, laughs, tears, and love. Coach Sandefur has been one of the best coaches I have had. She’s not only a coach but a person I know I can go to when I need a friend.