Essay on pancake friend

Okay so you know how there are certain types of friends? Like there are the say “hi” in the hall friends, the free block friends, the chill after school friends, the friends from old school who go to diff school, the eat lunch with, the fr-enemies friends? But then there are like the friends that one can talk about ANYTHING to? Like say one friend was to say “hash-browns” in the middle of a discussion about social studies or whatever, and some people would be like wth are you talking about? but some would be like “PANCAKES!!”? the type of friend that will not only say pancake back when you say “hash-browns”, but the type of friend you can go crying to and leave laughing, smiling, and having the perfect solution to the thing that made you cry. At the same time they won’t judge you for what you’ve told them. Y’know? I want a pancake friend.