My Opinions Narrative Essay

Do you ever wonder about your personal opinions instead of thinking about other people’s opinion. Many of people around the world about other people’s opinion as if they don’t even have one of their own. People don’t spend enough time on their personal opinions because they are so worried about others.

In this article, I will be talking about many different things that I feel is either write or wrong with todays society or how the world has changed over the course of the years. But I know that I will be giving my opinion about many things in this article. They may be serious or not serious but I have asked myself a bunch of questions on whether I agree with them or not. My first question that I asked myself was whether I would rather live in a small town or a big city. I personally think that I would rather live in a small town then I would a big city.

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In a small town, you have a lot more space to do your activities. Also, you can be more creative in a small town. For example, there’s much more places to go to which gives everyone a creative imagination. Although it can be good to live in a small town, you don’t get to meet a lot of people were in a big city, you get to talk to all sorts of people. Another question that I asked myself was what I think about the world now and days.

Honestly , I think that the world now and days is kind of unhealthy because of all of the technology. Don’t get me wrong, I like technology and all. I use it a lot but i also use it a little too much. I personally think that it’s from technology because it gets people distracted from stuff that really matters. For example, it’s like when i’m on my phone in the car and my mom says my name and I don’t respond. Then she has to holler my name four or five times because I was distracted by my phone.

Also, technology causes peoples to be more aggressive and attitudes to change. For example, if someone was playing a violent game and then went to school, they could be more aggressive and violent because they were playing a violent and aggressive games. I’m not saying that it’s bad to be playing technology but there’s such thing as too much time playing technology. Another question that I asked myself was whether children should have a limited amount of days to miss school. I think that there should be a limited amount of time unless it’s because you’re very very sick. Most kids now and days are skipping school to just stay home and be lazy when they could be at school getting a good education and learning the ways of life.

Also, if there was a limited amount of days you could miss, kids would be at school more. The more the students miss, the greater the probability of them getting bad grades will be. Although they miss because of family events and sickness, that should be the only thing to miss school for. Another question that I asked myself was do I think that older kids should be put in school with older people. I do think that younger kids should be put in school with older people instead of each grade level having their own school. One reason why I think that younger kids should be put in school with older kids is because it will help the children grow and build up character as a person.

For example, older kids most of the time know more than younger kids. The older kids can teach the younger kids and help them learn it quicker instead of them having to wait until they are the older kids age to learn it. Also, it helps them get use to working with older people. When you go out into the real world, you’re gonna work with people in all different age groups. So when you get in school with older and upper classmen, then they will help you get use to having to be with older people.

Also, they can be a good influence on you. Many people that do stuff learn from older people that have done it before. So older and upperclassmen can influence the children to do good things. So that is why I think that students should be put in school with upperclassmen. Another question I asked myself was “why do i think that kids get attracted to dangerous sports and dangerous activities?”. In my opinion, I think that kids get attracted to dangerous sports and activities because they want to do anything they can.

Also kids have a lot more energy than adults do and most of the time, children feel the need to use up all of that energy. So they believe that doing stuff that is dangerous will take out all of their energy. Take the game football for example. Some people think that football is dangerous but they let their kids play it because they want to be out there using their energy and tackling someone. One final question that I asked myself was whether I believe that kids should either get one long vacation each year or get a lot of short vacations each year. I think that kids should get a lot of short vacations instead of just one long vacation.

One reason why I think this is because if you get just one long vacation each year. You’ll only get to enjoy a trip and time away from school once every year. Where in a lot of short trips, you get to enjoy a lot of time off and away from school throughout the year. also , a lot of trips make it more fun for the kids and makes the school year go fast. Also, with a lot of trips, it gives the kids a lot of stuff to look forward to. So I hope you enjoyed my article over my opinions.

I know that a lot of the stuff in here is really random but there just questions that I have had over the years. Thank you for reading.