My Safe Place

To everyone else books are just boring pieces of peper put together. But to me books are my safe place. The one place I can always go to get away from the real world.

The safe place to help me calm down and relax and not worry about anything else. The place where i only have to worry about the character and their problems. Reading a book is like entering another world for me. A world where I dont have to worry about my problems,drama, or anything else for that matter. A place where anything can happen.

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Even though most people think books are lame, to me its a whole new world. Books have always been there for me. There the one thing in this world that will never truly leave me. I know i could have read a book a million times, but i know i can always go back and it will be right there waiting for me. I can always read it again and enter that characters world a million more times.

Book have been there for me through it all. Through my parents divorce, my grandpa dying, and my tough years in middle school. And i know no matter what life throws at me, books will always be there for me. Theres so many different books. With each book, its like a whole new experience.

You can read about anything your heart desires. Love, adventure, mystery, friendship, reality, the possiblites are endless. And with each new book you enter a whole new world, with different characters, different rules, and a whole different feeling. I love that feeling i get after i read a new book, the shock or excitiment you feel. And each time i pick up a book i cant wait to see what kind of world i will enter next.

And with each book i pick up, and each new world i discover, im glad that it takes my mind of my own world. So yeah some people may think books are lame. But to me books will always be my safe place. The one thing always there for me no matter what im dealing with or how old i get. I know one thing for sure each time i pick up a book, i know that the story will always be there waiting for me time after time.