Safe Sex > No Sex!

Many schools, like mine, refuse to distribute condoms, or teach students proper sex education.

I am a Senior in High School, and I can honestly say that the only sex education I have ever recieved, was in my Health class, which spoke mostly about drinking and drugs; not sex. Kids are starting to have sex at younger and younger ages. I can’t even say “teens” anymore, because it’s literally KIDS having sex. It starts as young as 5th grade, with girls who have had their period maybe once? And schools are not doing anything to prepare them for it, because close-minded parents, pretend that it’s not their kids. It’s only the kids who “weren’t raised properly”. It’s crap! Free condom distribution should be available in the clinics of all schools for many reasons.

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1.) School clinics are a safe place teens can go, without feeling afraid or uncomfortable. 2.) It has been proven that kids who have access to condoms, use them. Kids who do not have access to condoms, don’t. 3.

) Your kids are going to do what they want to, whether you tell them it’s okay or not. Kids who can openly talk to their parents and clinic nurses, will, and they will be more aware of the dangers of having unprotected sex. Just giving out condoms at the local health department isn’t good enough. Not all teens can drive, and most teens, or kids, i should say, are too embarassed to go into a place like that. If you want to help future generations from increasing the STD and teen pregnacy rates, then prove it. More kids are having sex then practicing abstinence.

Don’t force them to learn it the hard way.