Imagine yourself walking into a candy store.

You are in the mood for something sweet and sour at the same time, and something you can take places easily. Your eyes roam up and down the taunting aisle until that one colorful box screams and catches your eye. “Nerds,” the container reads. Smiling, you pick it up, knowing the right decision was made. Nerds should be chosen above all the other candy bars because they’re easy to take places, you can get two different flavors in one purchase, and they simply taste good. Since Nerds come in a convenient little box, you can take them wherever you’d like.

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They have easy-to-open slots on either side which allows the candy to be saved and stored until another time. Most candies have just one flavor, and then when you finish that one, you have to back and buy more. This is not only a waste of money, but a waste of time. However, Nerds contain two flavors — typically strawberry and grape. If the customer gets tired of one flavor, they can close the flap, open the other, and enjoy an entirely new experience. Finally, Nerds simply taste great.

They are sour, but not unbearable. Additionally, the petite size of the candy lets you eat a handful at a time, letting you taste the tart goodness. Although the quaint size of the Nerds could be a choking hazard, they are soft and easy to chew. In 1985, Nerds won the “Candy of the Year” award, and have continued to prosper since. Shaped like pebbles, colored like the rainbow, and flavored with passion and pleasure, Nerds are definitely the right way to go.