No Restrictions on Parking

At the beginning of the school year, Arrowhead Union High School students were given the ability to purchase an annual parking pass for $160. Depending on the student’s individual schedule, they received a parking pass to a designated area parking lot where they are required to park. Senior Rebecca Frazier said, “I disagree with the fact that I have to park in a designated parking spot.

If I’m going to pay $160 to be able to park at a public school I should be able to park in any parking lot I choose.” Senior Sam Hansen said, “A good idea would be to charge $160 so you can park anywhere you want, or charge $100 and you’re given a designated area.” Last year, vice principal Pete Nejedlo, announced the new parking policy. He said if a student receives more than two Saturdays for unexcused absences, the school has the right to take away that students parking pass without receiving a refund. “The fact that they’re willing to take away the parking pass is simply wrong.

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They’re basically saying, well if you’re going to be late, we’ll make sure you wont be able to come to school,” said Frazier. Hansen said, “I think the people hat care most about getting their parking pass taken away are the one’s that are late most of the time. I never am so I don’t mind the new policy.” According to the student handbook, “A regular or temporary permit must be displayed on any vehicle parked on campus. Fraudulent reproduction or use of a parking permit may result in a police citation and loss of parking privileges.

Motorcycles and scooters will display a sticker.” There was no mention of the new policy in the student handbook, which is why this is frustrating some students.