No Uniforms or Year-Round School

I have several opinions pertaining to schools and how they function. First of all, I believe that everyone is entitled to wear what he or she wants to school instead of being forced to wear a school uniform.

However, there should be specific rules to go along with this statement. I don’t believe that inappropriately dressing oneself should be an option at all. Schools should have a zero tolerance policy for tank tops, low-cut shirts, and shirts, skirts, and shorts that are too short. I am sure there are more restrictions that should be added to this, but this is what I notice often at my school even though these rules are printed in the student handbook. In addition to the school dress code, I also have an opinion toward year-round schooling.

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I absolutely despise the whole idea of this because I believe that school should begin in August, and then the school year should end in May. The summer is supposed to be a time where children are free to do whatever they please without having to go to school on a regular basis like during the school year. I love the summertime because I can stay up as late as I want, and then I can sleep in until I wake up on my own or my mom wakes me up. I enjoy the freedom to do what I want without school getting in the way. My family camps a lot, so it’s a nice time to go camping in the summer because most of us are out of school then. Therefore, one can tell that I have strong opinions toward the idea of school uniforms and year-round schooling.