Put yourself in the place of someone not too many years older than you, who is about to take on the role of a well-known and beloved teacher, after their sudden departure towards the middle of the year.

How would you feel? Excited, or nervous? Eager to experience new things, or constantly terrified of failure? How would you handle this situation? Mr. Caulfield, whom I remember being the student teacher from my World History class in tenth grade, is proving to be a hardworking and fun teacher. He has only been teaching my U.S. History class for a couple of months now, but I feel like he has been here for much longer than that. He slipped quite easily into his role as the new teacher, and I am glad for that.

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I recall how well he handled covering for my World History teacher while he was out, so I already had a good feeling that he would do well enough on his own again, this year. I do not feel as though Mr. Caulfield is unfit for the job he has taken on. He is one of the younger teachers here at Dickinson, but I don’t feel as though he lets anyone take advantage of that. He seems to have a great passion and enthusiasm for the subject he is teaching – a quality in teachers which I greatly admire.

He always tries his absolute best to make sure everyone is on the same page, so no one is left behind. It definitely makes a class more enjoyable when you know your teacher is just as interested in the subject as you are. I also believe that it is a wonderful thing when someone so young is interested in helping other people learn. It makes your school experience that much easier to handle, and can definitely help you feel more settled into a class. Mr. Caulfield dedicates much of his time to helping students out, and stays after school almost every day; something which I had trouble imagining someone in their early twenties doing.

You would think after going through four years of high school himself, he would be trying his best to avoid doing such a thing. I am happy he has proven me wrong. I can’t wait to see where Mr. Caulfield goes with his career. I hope he continues to be just as awesome of a teacher as he has already proven to be, and that he continues to learn and grow throughout all of his experiences. It is nice to see that, as we – the students – are maturing, Mr.

Caulfield is getting to see that firsthand.