PCs > Macs

PCs are better than Macs because they have the ability to play more games, run more softwares, and you can upgrade them to be stronger. This way people around the world can do more with their computers for a cheaper price.

Wait that can be a slogan “Does more, costs less”. Before schools didn’t care about what laptops their students have. Some didn’t even have laptops. Nowadays schools want to be “professional” and have their students use expensive laptops. Sure people would argue that Macs are meant for work, and that’s why it is better. They got pages, appstore, safari, and calendar.

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It’s true, but you could do the same things on PC except a PC is less expensive. As a gamer, it is impossible to get some really cool games on Mac. For example Heroes and Generals, it’s a free game, it has awesome graphics, but no, they aren’t gonna make a version for Mac computers. I’ve always wondered why my family never got a PC, because they can run with a better RAM than Macs. I’ve always wanted my very own PC, but because my family is a ‘Mac family’, we don’t own any PCs.

My dad says they’re too complicated, and get viruses easily. Schools should be uninvolved about what computers their students get. Anything that can be done on a Mac can be done on a PC. I know a friend who has a $400 Dell computer.

I mean, it’s only about $600 dollars less than a Mac. Yes, that was sarcasm. He has a laptop that costs less, yet it can still do the exact same things. He has over 20 games on that laptop! Another thing about PCs is the variety of antivirus softwares. Apple claims that they have a strong built-in antivirus software, but you are only one click away from getting a virus on both computers. Apple also says that because they update it a lot it becomes stronger. Can you believe it? I have this not so old Macbook Pro at home. I just recently updated it, and now it won’t even launch. Thanks, Steve! PCs are also much stronger – you can upgrade your ram and do all sorts of things.

You can even build your own PC! My parents would probably argue this: A Mac is made for studying and work, so it’s better that you get one so you don’t get carried away with games. It has been proven that kids who spend time playing games don’t usually get very good grades. It has been backed up that kids that play video games spend less time studying and reading than kids who don’t (parentingscience.com). I’m going to make a last stand here.

There is a way to block certain apps, websites, and softwares on the computer. For example “Cold Turkey” is an app that lets you block websites and apps on PCs. This way your child can only play games or use those websites in a specific time period. Whenever you feel it is safe to let your child play games then you can turn all the website and app blocks off by entering a password. As a middle schooler, I am jealous most of the time. Jealous of my friends having cool computers while I’m here stuck with a Mac computer that can’t do much(as in play games).

It’s much more expensive than PCs. PCs can do exactly what a Mac does. Surely, it makes more sense to just get one, right? PCs are so much less expensive than Macs, they have a variety of softwares and games. Seriously, if I had a choice, I would much rather get a PC over a Mac. Schools should let their students use cheaper Windows laptops instead of Macs. Although people will argue that a Mac has a stronger antivirus system, research has shown that it is not true, since it is just as easy to get a virus on a Mac.

By the way, I’m not sponsored or paid by Microsoft (hint-hint, nudge-nudge), but it would be nice to. Even though some may argue that Macs are better because they were made for work, you can also do work on a Windows. A Windows computer is like, what, $600 dollars cheaper. The reasons why schools should let students use these cheap laptops is because the security on windows is stronger, it is less expensive, and it is easier to obtain softwares, games, movies etc… Firstly, it offers a wider range of security.

People can’t see what pictures of your celebrity crushes you have. Macs have their own antivirus software, but it doesn’t really work. Trust me, if you try to download something from the interwebs and it ain’t trusted, you all going to get viruses, no kiddin’. You still get a ton of viruses even if you have it. Whereas you can get many good antiviruses for windows that work.

Windows also upgrades more often than Macs so it is harder for viruses or hackers to get into your computer. Also, Mac updates don’t do anything much, but they do make the the computers considerably slower, I have this old mac and I just updated it. Well, guess what? I can’t even launch. Thanks, Steve! Second of all, you can get a Dell computer for 400 bucks whereas some Macs cost more than 1000 USD. Macs are super-duper expensive compared to Windows, and that is probably why schools want to use Macs.

Usually, the more expensive something is the better. However, it’s not the case here because Windows computers are extremely powerful and can do much more than a Mac for a cheaper price. Call that a fair trade? YES SIR! Lastly it is so much easier to install everything. Seriously, no exaggeration what-so-ever. You can install softwares, games, and movies on a Windows much easier.

Also, as a person who enjoys playing games, most games are designed for Windows, so as a Mac user, I can’t play those games. It is also much easier to illegally download something, not as if I would do it or anything… C’mon, you gotta trust me. Many argue that Macs are better for school because they were originally designed for work. This is true because they are easier and more simple to use. They also have many just-for-mac applications.

Although this is true, Windows computers also have a bunch of applications that you can use. First of all, name one thing that a Mac can do that a Windows can’t do. Second of all, a Windows computer has more applications that you can get. So if we analyze the evidence, a Windows computer is better than a Mac because it has more applications and can do more things. Seriously, a thousand bucks is a lot of money. Imagine something happening to your Mac to it.

If you drop it or something, it ain’t gonna get fixed. You all know that by now, but with a Windows computer you know that it’s easier to get them fixed. It’s also much better to play games, and you can build your own computer. By using Windows, schools give students more options to do on their computers. You can upgrade them and do all sorts of things. I acknowledge the reasons why people would want to use a Mac, but the thing is, you can do the exact same thing, just way cheaper, so why not get a cheaper laptop? The reason why schools should use cheap Windows computers instead of Macs is because the Windows security and antivirus systems are much better and updated, it is much cheaper than a Mac, and it is much easier to get “stuff” on it.