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Dyslexia Dyslexia is a rear learning disability. Dyslexia is the name for specific learning disabilities in reading. Dyslexia may cause problems with reading comprehension and slow down vocabulary growth. Dyslexia may result in poor reading fluency and reading out loud.

Children and adults with dyslexia simply have a neurological disorder that causes their brains to process and interpret information differently. With the proper support almost all people with dyslexia can become good readers and writers. Dyslexia can make it difficult for people to express themselves clearly. It also can be hard for people to use vocabulary and structure thought during conversations. I am have dyslexia for me reading and spelling and having conversations with people is hard because I can’t spell to save myself and reading is the hardest i don’t like reading out loud because it makes me feel stupid when i am around others and they are good at reading out loud and i read like a little kid because its hard and it is quit embarrassing. When i spell its really bad because when i was little all my friends were advanced in spelling and almost all my teachers gave up on me so i still cant spell thank goodness for the person who created spell check.

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Talking to people i don’t know coming up with something to say is hard because of my sentence structure its hard to think of something that makes sense to others even if it makes sense to me. School is so hard I have to study harder than others well normal kids who only have to look at what they are studying a couple times but i have to look at it several times and its just confusing .Being around smart people makes me feel stupid because of my dyslexia. Dyslexia is transferred from genetics my dad has dyslexia and all three of my brothers and I but I have it the worst mine affects my learning ability very badly I have very bad spelling and i am not that good at reading and most of all i cant remember vocabulary all that well. Remembering things is hard because i have to study and look at it longer than the average student.

When i write papers and working on things like home work i have to listen to music or i can’t focus on what i am doing. When i listen to music it makes it so i cant here people talking and trying to get my attention by saying my name or being annoying by taping there pen sole on the table or fidgeting. I have read that people with dyslexia like to listen to quiet music or a quiet calming sound to help them focus. I like to have my days planed out but i am not an organized person most people with dyslexia are not very organized no matter how much our parents try to organize our lockers and rooms but it dose not work like that. Dyslexia is hard to live with but you take it day by day.