Pondering Summer Days

The air is pleasant, the salty warm breeze snakes around my nose, whilst a boat sails lightly on the calm waves. Local skater boys are attempting to prove their bravado through neat-o tricks. I hear my family conversing on some controversial subject whilst I gaze out onto the harbor trying to find meaning and purpose as my hand gently taps my journal quietly. I’m looking for something, but I can’t seem to find it. What’s going to happen when I’m done with college? How will my life be different? A thousand things pop into my head from odd goals like wanting to become an expert at trapeze, to building a center for the homeless in this very city, to exploring the depths of the Thailand jungle.

Oh, that reminds me. I quickly scribble something down in my journal and draw myself as a Thai firefly. I pause. My eyes widen as if I discovered a surplus of Chunky Monkey ice cream on this summer day. I look around the park, and before I could stop myself I smiled and said quietly yet profoundly, “I’m a delayed Thai firefly”. In certain parts of the Thailand jungle, there are thousands upon thousands of fireflies that all gather on big trees.

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At nights, for some reason, the fireflies are synchronized in their flashing light. One second, it’s bright as Times Square, the other as dark as the midnight sky. In fact, one American couple were so amazed at this ordeal, they shook a tree branch, and collected a few fireflies in a jar. Back in their hotel, they let the fireflies out. Surprisingly, they were not synchronized, it was all at different intervals.

However within a few minutes, they were completely synchronized once again. So that’s what I am as of now. I’m a delayed Thai firefly. My journey through college will inevitably make me become a quick Thai firefly adaptable to many situations, quickly lighting up in a synchronized fashion. My life will be more connected, it will make more sense. I will be able to succeed in many different ways- from earning the respect of intelligent people, to appreciating beauty more often, to finding the best in others and ultimately leaving this world a better place.