Proposition on Technology in Schools

In the eyes of average high school students, it’s safe to say technology in schools has outshined the classical textbooks parents equipped as their primary source of knowledge and education. As the United States entered the 21st cetury, our concept of technology has broadened and has been conveyedby branching out the perspective of virtuality to higher proportions within many realms of life (the major one being school). The spark of passion technology has within students is almost engulfing them completely, relying on it as a life essence. As a student myself, technology has brought extreme help on my assignments, when it came to internet research, or watching videos, and/or even typing out my essays in an attractive ink scheme on a document program. The list can be endless on the ways internet and technological devices amended our lives.

However, as I grow older, I find that within these instances of help from computers and mobile devices, there seeps ways of ethical lifestlye that is ultimately being decomposed from the rest. With the commencement of social media, students (usually adolescents) have their life on them, taking pictures, posting things “on their mind”, which usually describes what someone else said or something that happened in school that was beyond immoral (from what I’ve seen from my friends list). It’s true that these sites are a great way to have a look at what people are doing and have an easy way to contact people you don’t see in a while for important information, but not a way to spread a gossip like a wildfire and use it as a form of bullying cyberly. It doesn’t just end with those negative effects. In many cases, social media causes a disconnect between relationships, usually from the lack of trust due to how public the websites are. Emotions can’t be spread textually, so it’s usually simple for your girlfriend/boyfriend to think of your text in a different way to jeapordize a relationship.

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It’s not worth the constant risks anymore.The internet has progressed to this area of publicity where if you don’t purposely make your account private, it is inevitable for your information to run into the wrong hands, which is a danger to innocent teenagers, who are blogging to their friends in a moral matter. Another big issue about the expansion of technology in high schools is the intense distraction of a mobile device in the middle of class, or the computer with access to flash game sites so you can have one ticket away from your period of computer programming. The condition of distraction ranges from each school, where private schools may have students that dedicate their attention to education, while public schools with no impressive requirements may have students who don’t want to be there and are starters to issues. Either way, I find that schools should hold more textual documents on paper like books over internet .

pdf files or books downloaded on your tablet because technological devices always have pathways to distraction and it’s a good way to focus more on students who are dedicated to education as a whole if you have the paper books and assign them the same criteria. It’s free from pathways of distraction, and it’s a way to help the procrastinators and easily-distracted students who immediately drive off course to URLs ahead. It’s understandable that the internet offers articles for research that bring so much ease to students, but using the library as a research is more factual, and it’s a way to bring more preparation for college and the strenuous hardships that lie ahead. Drifting off the topic of technology in school, internet-related technology in our households has been the greatest necessity and it would be impossible to see ourselves live without internet in our lifestyles. However, I think it could be a wake-up call for people to actually Converse face-to-face as the primary way to get ahold of someone.

Through the internet, a person can change from one person that people know physically, to a completely different person that people know cyberly. It’s wrong to live with lies to gain friendship and fame in community, but being yourself and to make friends through face-to-face conversation is the best possible way to go. Setting up these lies is only a due date for the day that those lies become aware and that your reputation as a person is completely corrupted. Of course technology outside of communication and social media is a need within these moments of earth, but the internet and text messaging are two red flags that are raised. As people, we don’t want to live within a world of lies, but a world of truths. Lies await danger for the future, so why can’t we be bound to that thought and be efficient at face-to-face conversation so people can see the real you, and that you can see the real “them?”