Rocks Rumble

Rocks rumble and clash those 3 words can describe an earthquake I know an earthquake is the worst natural disasters it is cause by movement in the earth this cause waves that spread out in all directions. When the earth‘s plate crash in to each other and keeps push till one gives. These earthquakes cause lots of damage like the one in Mexico City, 1985 the earthquake killed more than 10000 people. Another earthquake in Chimbote Peru in May 1970 the earthquake it nearly 70000 people died.

Plus the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco that destroy half the city killing 63 and injuries 3757. There is still no full proof plan to predict a earthquake but scientist use a Richard scale it is use for to measure an earthquake strength or how much energy it releases. A earthquake is the worst natural disaster because there is no way of stopping it It destroy city’s it kills thousands of people

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