Ron Popeil Case

RON POPEIL RON POPEIL WHEELS, DEALS, HAS MASS APPEAL BACKGROUND Ron “Ronco” Popeil is an American inventor a salesperson with one of the biggest successful in the history.

Born in 1935 in New York, have a difficult childhood a pass for different houses in his family. His father was an inventor too that sold in department stores. Popeil find the love when made connection with the sale when had 16 years old in Chicago, this passion got to win $1. 000 per week when the average salary was just $500 per month. [1]

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Since was a teenager he has a success sell kitchen gadgets, this skill in this 1960’s give the opportunity to incorporated with Ronco in the television; Ronco use since this time his famous phrases to sold his own inventions, as he said “if I spent two years creating a product, conceiving it, tinkering with it, I can get up and sell it. Who can sell it better than the guy who invented it? “[2] Mr.

Popeil is a man that do everything, from the idea to the sale, he is present in each part in the process, and for this reason is that he is convinced with his product that sale better.

One of the most successes is the dehydrator that made in 1990 and later his rotisserie BBQ that sold more than seven million units for just $39. 95 each. Is important the role that have the television, because impulse the sale with the demonstration that he made. Mr.

Popeil sold his company to an investment group for over $55 million, but this is not mean the farewell of him; now he give his knowledge in consulting in business. UPDATING Ronco Holdings Inc. is the name of the company with base in Austin TX, it maintained the philosophy of Mr. Popeil of believe in the product.

And drive under the slogan “Always innovating” that is the essence of Mr. Popeil in his life and his company.

[3] The company Ronco offer nine products for the kitchen that are two version of dehydrator and three version of the rotisserie that their principal gadgets in the kitchen, also sale a set of accessories for their products. [4] Although Mr. Popeil sold his company in 2005, he continued in the searching that made new revolutionary products for the kitchen, in pass form the “want” to the “need” is one of their abilities to transform ideas in a success products; the innovation is the base how he demonstrated with the infomercial. 5] An updating for this case are difficult because the recent history of Mr. Popeil minimum and more after his two successful products, in his role as consulting is difficult find it, but always find the story that have relationship with the inventors and the sold of his company in 2005 for $55 million.

PEOPLE EVOLVED Ron Popeil (born May 3, 1935 in New York City; is an American inventor and marketing personality, best known for his direct response marketing company Ronco. He is well known for his appearances in infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie (“Set it, and forget it! “) and for using the phrase, “But wait, there’s more! on television as early as the mid-1950s. Popeil learned his trade from his father, Samuel, who was also an inventor and carny salesman of kitchen-related gadgets such as the Chop-O-Matic and the Veg-O-Matic. The Chop-O-Matic retailed for US$3. 98 and sold over two million units.

The invention of the Chop-O-Matic caused a problem that marked the entrance of Ron Popeil into television. It turned out that the Chop-O-Matic was so efficient at chopping vegetables, that it was impractical for salesmen to carry the vegetables they needed to chop. The solution was to tape the demonstration.

Once the demonstration was taped, it was a short step to broadcasting the demonstration as a commercial. Popeil received the Ig Nobel Prize in Consumer Engineering in 1993. The awards committee described him as the “incessant inventor and perpetual pitchman of late night television” and awarded the prize in recognition of his “redefining the industrial revolution” with his devices.

[6] We can say that his person is evolved in the case because he is the protagonist of the case; first we have to take in account that Ron Popeil is an avid inventor, entrepreneur, clever marketer and master.

Popeil, is involved in the case to the extent that it is a very intelligent, innovatively, good seller, honest, a person which has been very successful and very sincere. People knew it was a different person to the other, with a very active, sociable, creative, hardworking and convicting. If you can see that is a person who has invented useful products and very different from those exist, has been very successful thanks to its responsibility, is a fighter, and eager to continue moving forward.

If we could see that Popeil has had some bad times, for some products, however thanks to his personality and perseverance, go ahead and try to give their best and win back customers and to succeed. Invention certain products such as food dehydrator, Popeil Pocket Fisherman that of the barbecue oven, among others.

The addition of his inventions had some phrases that were in memory of people such as “just have to set it and forget it”, “the low price”, “operators are standing. ” character we see is a successful, innovative, creative and managed to obtain a great success and great reputation.

Len Green Len Green’s true passion is entrepreneurial success and ultimately directing that success towards giving back to the community. Green runs a non-profit and has donated generously to charities, but most of all he enjoys helping students and training socially responsible business leaders. This is why every week he takes a four-to-five hour trip from New Jersey to Babson Park, Massachusetts, to teach a class of 40 undergrads. Sometimes, he simply comes to meet with students.

Last Wednesday, Green came to Babson to have a half-hour meeting with President Schlesinger and to spend the rest of the morning meeting with students (both current and former). I met with him towards the end of his visit to learn how he shaped this career and how he manages so many entrepreneurial activities simultaneously. [7] This person is evolved in the case in the way that he is a professor entrepreneurship at Babson College; he says “Ron Popeil is one of a kind. He is different from the rest because he not only best, he sells.

Most entrepreneurs come up with a concept and then give it to others to manufacture a sell.

His own best salesman. As we can see this personage was evolved in the case because he was the professor of Ron in Babson. We can see that Len Green has a good concept of Rom because he says that Ron is different from other students, is creative and also sells its products. For what you do see it as a very active person, different and successful entrepreneur. For this reason we can see that Len is evolved in the case in the way that he has a very good concept of Ron.

Dan Aykroyd

Daniel Edward “Dan” Aykroyd, CM (born July 1, 1952) is a Canadian comedian, singer, actor and screenwriter. He was an original cast member of Saturday Night Live, an originator of The Blues Brothers (with John Belushi) and Ghostbusters and has had a long career as a film actor and screenwriter. [8] This person is evolved in the case in the way that, the case says: In 1976, he was even the subject of what was probably Dan Aykroyd’s most famous bit on Saturday Night Live. They do a comparison between Dan Aykrod and Popeil, the case say that in 1976 Aykords most famous than Popeil on Saturday night live.

Barbara Gross Barbara Gross received her Ph. D.

in Marketing from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1992. She also holds a BS in Psychology and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing. Prior to joining California State University, Northridge in 1994, she held marketing positions with various firms, including a consumer products firm, a financial institution, and a consulting firm. Since 2006, Barbara has served California State University, Northridge in the Office of the President as Chief of Staff.

Prior to joining the President’s Office, she taught Introduction to Marketing Management (MKT304), Consumer Behavior (MKT348), Retailing Management (MKT443), and Small Business Consulting (BUS491).

She has particularly enjoyed teaching in the Business PACE program. [9] We can say that this person is evolved in the case in the way that she was the professor(of Ron) of marketing at California state university, Northridge, states, she says “his success speaks for itself; probably that has more to do with his personality. He’s comfortable and sincere. He comes across like he really believes in it.

When you heard he talks, you never feel likeness laying to you. As we can see that person has a very good concept of Ron, because she says that Ron has a very good personality, is very comfortable, sincere and he is a very good seller.

As we can see this professor has a very good concept of Ron. ORGANIZATIONS ENVOLVED RONCO Ronco is an American company that manufactures and sells a variety of items and devices, most commonly those used in the kitchen. Ron Popeil founded the company in 1964, and commercials for the company’s products soon became pervasive and memorable, in part thanks to Popeil’s personal sales pitches.

The names “Ronco” and “Popeil” and the suffix “-O-Matic” (used in many early product names) became icons of American popular culture and were often referred to by comedians introducing fictional gadgets. In the beginning, the company chiefly sold inventions developed by Popeil’s father, Samuel “S. J.

” Popeil. Products include the Veg-O-Matic and the Popeil Pocket Fisherman, a product manufactured by S. J. Popeil’s company. During the 1970s, Ron Popeil began developing products on his own to sell through Ronco.

In August, 2005, Popeil announced his sale of the company to Fi-Tek VII, a Denver holding company, for $55 million.

He was expected to continue working with the company as spokesman and product developer, but sold the company in order to have more time with his family. Fi-Tek VII changed its name to Ronco, and maintained the right of first look for Popeil’s future inventions. [10] This is the company which speaks the case, we must bear in mind that the company was founded by Ron Popeil, which was a great person, innovatively, intelligent, good seller, honest and comfortable to talk. If Ron tells us that from childhood he had a nearness to the sales, as he helped his father sell the products sold.

Then we could realize that all teachers in rum have a high regard for his life the active, hardworking and optimistic. As seen in the case tells the story of the company, you can see that at first can be seen that among the company’s products could be seen: a food dehydrator, gun pulveration, among other products. Good performance with the company was recognized, however in 1987 the company suffered bankruptcy shortly. But the company always manages to recover. Using television media Popeil could offer its millions of products and reached many people.

The company had recently sold to an investment raucous group of over $ 55 million and staff Accumulated net worth of over $ 100 million, Popeil Had the last laugh.

The company has had good publicity with the help of the television, magazine, between other media. Finally we can see that Ron and Ronco Company are recognized to be unique, innovative, good work, perseverance, persuasion, great recognition, and great salespeople. OTHERS COMPANYS We cannot see direct competition in the case of Ronco. But we can say that competition for Ronco would be innovative companies with large advertising and selling products for the kitchen.

MAIN PROBLEM Ron Popeil is an American inventor and marketing personality, best Known for His direct response marketing company Ronco. He is Well Known for His appearances in infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie (“Set it, and forget it! “) And for using the phrase, “But wait, there’s more! ” on TV as early as the mid-1950s.

Ron Popeil in the 70’s and early 80’s continue to do business as he did, but after that came the disaster and part of its bankruptcy in 1987 Illinois A bank slumped and Ronco’s bank Did not want to follow suit , so I call all the notes of the company.

This bank could not cover and took over the assets of the company. So Popeil had no goods to sell in your business as it had been removed. However, when the bank began to Top Ronco, Popeil sack people and offered his fortune to buy back 2 million, so that the bank sold it to Ron and the company again became of him. At 52, Popeil went into semi-retirement and left the most difficult operation tasks of Ronco to others.

However the invention in that year the electric food dehydrator and the product took a more active marketing in the year 91. STRATEGIES

Ron Popeil is a good strategist and entrepreneur in their projects, first to regain your business and leave her little bag of money bankruptcy to regain the company Ronco, then sold its most successful product in history that was Roast for barbecues which sold over 7 million units each at 39. 95 and raising over one billion in sales. It became part of the fabric of American speech after making an infomercial product giving the slogan “Just set it and forget it”, this slogan is now used to sell all kinds of products Popeil as video players and recorders digital video to the ovens and coffeemakers.

Popeil also has a great ability to invent, improve everyday products, demonstrate their products live and reach them tens of millions. He is more famous than others.

Having recently sold Ronco to an investor group for more than 55 million and accumulated a personal network of over 100 million, he will continue to develop new products and promises greater success than the grill Showtime. He has a market of 20 million Americans who cook turkey every year. Has created more than 150 products and invented personal selling through mass marketing medium. QUESTIONS What does Ron Popeil bring to personal selling that makes him so effective?

He is a passionate person in addition to being an inventor, creates and innovates inventing personal selling through mass marketing that’s what allows your business to be efficient and effective. Personal selling offers several advantages over other forms of promotion.

Personal selling may also work better than other forms of promotion given certain customer and product characteristics. Generally speaking, personal selling becomes more important as the number of potential customers decreases, as the complexity of the product increases, and as the value of the product of the product grows.

In addition Ron Popeil are sure his products and he transmits to people this attitude that is lies innate when he want to sell something that he believes and convinces people in need and not have to worry about their performance. Its operation allows ensure consumer buy it generates some confidence and interest to know more of the product, this attracts people because is the same inventor who is selling and know the functions, advantages and opportunities of the product, and leave the consumer clear beyond doubt on the functionality, efficiency and effectiveness of the roduct. The key of success are in how to selling products. Popeil always knew and believed in his products that he was selling and you can see this when he said: “The easiest thing to do in the world is to sell a product I believe in.

” and he selected phrases that match the product. Personal selling has advantages there are: personal selling provides a detailed explanation or demonstration of the product.

This capability is especially needed for complex or new goods and services; the sales message can be varied according to the motivations and interests of each prospective customer, and if the prospective customer has a question the salesperson can provide an explanations; personal selling can be directed only to qualified prospects; personal selling costs can be controlled by adjusting the size of the sales force in one person increments, and the most important advantage is that personal selling is more effective than other forms of promotion in obtaining a sale and gaining a satisfied customer.

What trade sales promotion tools does he use? Why does he use sales promotion tools when he is selling direct to consumers? Whereas consumer promotions pull a product through the channel by creating demand, trade promotions push a product through the distribution channel. When selling to members of the distribution channel, manufacturers use many of the same sales promotion tools used in consumer promotions such as sales contest, premiums and point of purchase displays.

Several tools, however, are unique to manufacturers and intermediaries. He designed and sold his most successful product ever, the Showtime rotisserie BBG. Having sold over seven million units for four installments of $39. 95 each, the rotisserie alone has grossed over $1 billion in sales. During the taping of the infomercial for that product, the live studio audience was treated to yet another of Popeirs catch phrases that has become part of the fabric of American speech. “Just set it and forget it! is now used to sell all kinds of non-Popeil products from VCRs and digital video recorders to ovens and coffee makers.

The infomercials are known as teleshopping or paid programming, which may have an essential program duration like a half-hour television are usually issued after hours or more peak views, I mean during the day or 2 to 6 am in the morning and usually resemble a talk show where the content of the commercial message was designed to represent the views of the poster and use slogans like Ron Popeil sticky saying “Just set it and forget it! repeat basic ideas. This technique may be known as business meetings and trade shows conventions. Trade association meetings, conferences and conventions are an important aspect of sales promotion and a growing, multibillion-dollar market. At these shows, manufacturers, distributors, and other vendors have the chance to display their goods or describe their services to customers and potential customers.

Ron Popeil participates in trade shows to attract and identify new prospects, serve current customers, introduce new products, enhance corporate image, test the market response to new products, enhance corporate morale, and gather competitive product information. To sum up, trade promotions are popular among manufacturers for many reasons.

Trade sales promotion tools help Ron Popeil gain new distributors for their products, obtain wholesaler and retailer support for consumer sales promotion, build or reduce dealer inventories, and improve trade relations.

The shows attract millions of consumers, providing recorders to ovens and coffee makers with increased store traffic as well as good leads. Explain how Ron Popeil? s selling tactics allow him to achieve the desired objectives of sales promotions. Ron Popeil has a vision on market expectations, knows or has in mind what the market will need, and that the inventory of these products are products that have been well received and sold very well and that their products meet the needs the final consumer.

Popeil, by inventing and creating a product that is designed to resolve issues or problems keeping in mind that this solution satisfies the need for the end consumer and exceeds their expectations and be assured that this will not fail because his attitude, passion and make compromise be not only a great inventor but seller believing that his products are the best solution for consumers and then the consumers believe it. Do you think it is likely that America will ever see someone like Ron Popeil in the future? Why or why not?

In my opinion no other person that will exist in the shoes of Ron Popeil but since he is a great entrepreneur who invented and sold but I think there Popeil allows dynamic and there is progress on this issue, many people and vendors were called attention to investigate their techniques and tools to promote and generate consumer purchase that were innovative in marketing, and so the head hunters and the same current modern organizations should be alert to grab those talents as Ron Popeil that are essential to further develop that talent training them in skills, attitudes and new knowledge so that this knowledge given by Popeil are not remain static in time and who want to take his example then try to be like him, could be a successful businessman.

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