School Attire

Dear Mr. Smith, As you already have noticed, dressing appropriately for a school setting has become a problem.

As many would acrimoniously say, they are against the idea of work attire for school. The paucity of students that follow this dress continues to fall rather than grow. Many schools don’t enforce such a strict dress code, but I feel that we should start a new trend. We can show others how it will benefit our students in the long run. Although many students would say they would be deeply distraught by the idea of nice dress, a change needs to be made. This would be egregious.

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We’ll crack down once and for all. Make them feel like they are in the real world. As you may construe, many will be against this idea but in the long run it’s only helping them. School is your work and it should be treated as if you were being paid and had a boss. As many students will feel the need to not follow the new rule, duplicity should never be tolerated.

Every student choosing not to follow should never have impunity. Any student dressed in inappropriate attire should be punished to the fullest extent. This problem can’t be elicited any more. Something has to be done now. As we look at academies and private schools, there isn’t even an issue about dress.

That’s just how it is. By the time the real world comes around every student should be prepared. Sincerely,