School Isn't Fun Anymore

In order to to make school more fun again we will have to make some changes.

Like make school a better place to be at. Therefore if school can make some adjustments it can allow students to enjoy school more. If school can start at later time students would have a outstanding time doing school.For example students would be joyful to come to school. Also it would give students and teachers more hours to sleep, cause more people only have 5-6 hours of sleep on a school night.

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Therefore student generally learn better when they start school later. Sometimes you have to get up when it’s still dark. Most schools change the curriculum. Student learn alot when the work based on what will need in life based on their interest. For example learning how file taxes and how to write checks. If they would start to teach students about life skills it would be more fun.

Most high school are too unexciting in what they teach students. Another reason is rows of desk kids are forced to sit in and not move around. Its spiritless to sit all class long and listen to the teacher talk all class. Also some we just in trouble for wanting to get up cause we been sitting in the desk all class. Student tend to not like classes that we just sit in the desk all class and not move.

Moreover the desks is uncomfortable to sit in all class period. Overall school would be more fun if we can have more classes like gym class and driver ed.Also if the students wouldhave more school pride. I think school should be a place to learn also have fun too.