Essay on School Uniforms

What if some public schools required students to wear uniforms? I believe students should not wear school uniforms in public schools. Most students are not going to wear the school uniforms anyway. I think this punishes the students and everyone should have the right to wear what they want. First, students should have is the right to wear what they want. ‘Students must respect what others are wearing?’ Students want to stand out with crowds, so they wear what they want.

Clothes and jewelry are expressions, showing who they are. Schools should allow students to wear what they want to. Schools should understand the student’s point of view too sometime. Another problem is the cost of school uniforms. Many students’ families can’t afford the cost of school uniforms. What if all schools from elementary, middle school, and high school required students to wear school uniforms.

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Some parents don’t have money for school uniforms at. The school district should help students pay for uniforms if they wanted us wear them. The third reason is that everyone will look alike. Our freedom of expression will be lost. Clothes are our own style on what we wear.

Students don’t like wearing the same clothes everyday when we go to school. Clothing should be an expression for us, our own style. School uniform is not a policy for students to wear and only the school boards could choose for us. If everyone wears what they want, then they are happy. What if happen for reason when students wearing school uniforms? Some public schools shouldn’t have students wear school uniforms. Some clothes are very inappropriate to wear to school and home.

Sometimes if you express yourself, it is good. What if students don’t have freedom wear what they want? Parents would have to work too hard to get school uniforms if all schools in United States had to wear uniforms. ‘Students should have the right of freedoms speech to wear’ The students deserve to wear whatever they like.