school should be optional

I don’t think kids should have to go to school if they don’t want to. You ask why? Because most kids sleep anyway during classes, and its wasting paper cause kids don’t do their homework, it goes in the trash. I mean some kids might be scared to come to school because of all the drama, and there are some mean teachers.

You can get iss if you miss school and sometimes it’s not your fault. I think the rules are stupid. I think most kids hate waking up early, for one because they don’t like going to bed early or they cant sleep. For two because school is too hard for some people. Kids copy one another so its like they are cheating their way through high school.

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What’s the point let them quit. They should make a rule to where you can quit school only if you can get a job, but if you cant get one you have to do community service. So at least they wont be lazy when they quit school