Why oh Why Must We Wear Uniforms to School?

Have you ever wondered if students enjoy wearing uniforms to school? For us it’s the most awful thing to show up to school in. I don’t agree with wearing uniforms, they can be uncomfortable, costly, and attract bullies.

First uniforms are uncomfortable and can irritating to the skin. They distract you from learning as your constantly adjusting g yourself and itching. For girls, skirts and dresses can still be revealing if your not positioned properly. Uniforms make you feel hot and it’s hard to get a comfortable fit. Next,uniforms can potentially attract bullies. In 1999 a study revealed that since the upcoming of mandatory uniforms in schools, bullying increased by 12%.

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When everyone is wearing the same clothing, a person’s distinct personality will still stand out, not really making us uniform just because we have the same outfits. In 2007 there were 14 bullying incidents that still occurred due to uniforms.Simply put, uniforms don’t necessarily unify us and stop bullying because of appearances. Uniforms can also be costly. Americans can spend an average of $249 on school uniforms a year. As kids grow, it means more money being spent on uniforms.

When you combine all the people paying for uniforms it totals up to around 1 billion dollars annually. I don’t know about you but I certainty wouldn’t wear my uniform outside of school by choice. So why not let kids wear the clothes of their choice that they already have? On top of that, all the extra laundry because after school the uniform comes off and regular clothing goes right back on. In conclusion uniforms should be a standard at schools. They are not the way to go! Let kids express themselves in the clothing of their choice, without the discomfort, extra expenses and possible teasing. Just say no to uniforms!