Essay on School Uniforms

Have you ever seen people wearing school uniform in the America? Probably yes – and I’m sure that everyone knows what it is. It is an outfit, a set of standardized clothes, worn primarily for an educational institution. In other words, it is clothing for school. Our school doesn’t have any and most of middle schools don’t have it either, but some private school have it. What I’m thinking is that we should make one for students.

And here are the reasons. First, the school uniform can save our money. Teenagers in the United States spend too much money for buying clothes. It costs some, but not much as we buy now. We can have more opportunities to choose something else which people really need.

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Some students will say we have freedom to wear any appropriate clothes for school. Yet, it causes too much money to be spent to repeat. Also, we don’t have to be considering in the every single morning in front of our closets. Or you wouldn’t care anymore about clothing. For me, I always waste my precious time for thinking what I’m going to wear just before the bus comes. If I have no time and I should wear same clothes from yesterday or the day before yesterday, I worry at the school all the time.

It is such a big time waster and it makes me headache. Yes, it is quite uncomfortable to wear the same thing for a week or to wear a skirt for girls. However, I think that can be covered with these advantages that school uniform has. Overall, I believe that wearing school uniform for school is better way rather than let students to have any clothes.