School Uniforms Free Essay Samples

I disagree with the students of America’s schools having to wear uniforms. I have worn uniforms all my life and it always bugged me because mainly, I do not see the point. Ya, I do agree that it makes look more sophisticated and more mature, but does looks really matter in the long run when you are on the road to college? Kids, or at least my school, tend to ALWAYS get into trouble mainly due to uniforms. At my high school, it seems that the assistant principle is mainly concerned about dress code and how we look, rather than our education.

That is all he ever does. It is pointless. It is like that uniforms is the only thing they seem to be worried about. I would, however, agree to dress code for regular clothing. You know, stuff that is appropriate.

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Like having skirts to a certain height, No drug related Tees, etc. etc. Please reply your thoughts if you either go to a school that needs uniforms or a school that doesn’t.