School Uniforms Free Essay Example

Are Uniforms really needed? Why should we take time finding our outfit just for school? Having Uniforms improves many things like test scores, it promotes school spirit.

Of the students surveyed 52% of people say it is better to wear school Uniforms, 14% say its worse, and 34% say it’s the same. It is important to show each and every student the same respect as you wish. With Uniforms there would be fewer temptations to show disrespect. Some schools have Uniforms for the safety of others because of gang violence, threats, depression from bullying, anxiety, discipline, peer pressure to wear what everyone else is, helps identify intruders in a school, social relations between students, improve attendance. It improves academics; more students have a higher chance to graduate. There is a higher chance to graduate in a school with Uniforms because decreased bullying which increases your ability to focus on school instead of what you look like.

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Some say that it would cost more money to have Uniforms because you would have to buy clothes for the weekends. In truth is that you would have to buy clothes for the weekdays and the weekends even if there were no Uniforms. With school Uniforms you would save money because there’s less clothes to buy. Poor students who don’t have money to be so they call it, IN. We all would much rather spend money on something we want, and not something we have to. We should have school Uniforms in every Washoe county school to improve the lives of all students.

Students need something to look forward to everyday but because of bullying student are worried about how they look instead of focusing on their education. Many students take more time getting ready for school than studying for their tests. It is a great confidence boost for students with less money to spend on fashion because we would all look the same. It is important to have Uniforms for the sake of improving student’s futures.