No More School Uniforms Free Essay

Students think that we shouldn’t wear school uniforms because not all schools require uniforms, people can’t afford it, and people don’t get to show their personalities. First, not all students are required to wear uniforms . Some schools don’t wear uniforms but we do.

I think all schools shouldn’t wear uniforms . For example , Banneker don’t have to wear uniforms Another example is that at my old school they had to wear uniforms , but now they don’t have to wear uniforms . Second, people can’t afford school uniforms because they cost to much or they don’t have no jobs to pay for the uniforms . For example , at a high school their uniforms cost to much . Third, I think if students don’t wear uniforms then more students will come to school on time .

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They come to so that they would like to share their personalities , but they can’t if their not allow to wear their uniforms . For example , at my old school they was mad because they wanted to show their cute outfits . In conclusion , i think students shouldn’t wear uniforms . Students work so hard and they deserve to wear regular clothes . All schools should wear regular clothes .