Argumentative Essay about School Uniforms

I’m walking down the school hallway, on my way to class; a teacher stops me and gives me a demerit. Why? I am not wearing my uniform. But I know that I’m no different when wearing my uniform or regular clothes. It’s time….to crush that rule. I understand administrators prefer uniforms rather than regular teen outfits, but, that is about to be turned over.

Most adults and administrators believe that uniforms affect student’s behaviors, I strongly disagree. Teachers, administrators, etc, believe that uniforms help families that are low-income. They are right. Whether kids will stain or rip their uniforms if ever possible, parents have to struggle with the issue. Thus, does not save them money at all.

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They don’t understand that parents need to at least buy more than one shirt & a pair of pants for school as uniform. Also, another issue is that wearing uniforms does not motivate students to stay out of troubled behavior, violence, and achieve their goals. Students get suspensions because of fights in school. Therefore, this does not prevent violence. In addition, they do not respect teachers, deans, principal, etc. You think they would believe students wearing uniforms would get them respect from them.

Well, they are 100% wrong, only if they think and/or believe that. In my search for data, I found “supporting the use of uniforms turns up a single study finding that teachers and other believed students in uniforms were more successful than their peers. This is nothing more than a prejudice on the part of these observers”. This goes to show that there are no supporting research documents that school uniforms are effective. Administrators expect too much from the students. They expect achievements, hard-working, good students, and they just get the opposite.