Argumentative Essay on School Uniforms Make School Better

Many people would argue that school uniforms have no effect on academic performance or attendance but that notion is far from the truth.

With my experience at a school with uniforms, I strongly believe that school uniforms have a positive impact on academic performance. The opponents of school uniform believe that it shouldn’t be instituted because it is a financial burden to poor families but the situation is actually the opposite. School uniforms are less expensive than mufti and can be used throughout the year. If a family buys five pairs of jeans and five T-shirts for their son, that will not be enough to take him through the year because his outfits become redundant and he will become a target for teasing or bullying from other students. To prevent that the family will keep on adding clothes to the one he already has and this would not happen if those five pairs of clothes were uniforms.

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Students can wear the same pairs of uniforms throughout the year and not get noticed by their schoolmates and this actually saves families some money. Opponents of this issue believe that school uniforms make students a target for bullying from students from other schools but that doesn’t quite make sense. School uniforms actually attract some form of respect from people. I remember someone screaming “Always First At Dawn” (the slogan of my previous high school) as I walked to school dressed up in my navy blue and white uniform. You are accorded respect for being part of a reputable academic institution. Also, school uniforms foster unity among students because of the sense of pride that comes along with it.

School uniforms also remove economic and social barriers between students and this improves the sense of belonging in the school community. When students adhere to the rules that comes with the wearing of school uniforms, the discipline acquired helps them in the future endeavours. In addition to these factors, school uniforms improve attendance because students do not have to worry about what to wear or the bullying that comes along with wearing clothes that are not fashionable like that of their peers. This in turn improves academic performance because students are able to come to school and study in an environment free of teasing or bullying. School uniforms also help prevent disruptions that come along with wearing mufti because students are not able to wear clothes that have hate speech or political expressions that have the potential of causing fights on them.

Uniforms is also a way of ensuring school safety because students are not able to carry weapons in the school uniforms like they could do in baggy clothes. Having stated all these factors, it is clear that school uniforms make school better and if enforced will have a positive impact on our education system.