School Uniforms or Prison Uniforms?

Uniform- (adj) an identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank. Origin- 1530–40;

), equiv. to ?ni- uni-+ -f?rmis -form (Refrence from Isn’t there a way to identify an organization, such as a school, without having to take away personality? Some ask the question, “Why do we need school uniforms?” Well, it makes the school look systematic. Everybody looks the same, so by looks, you won’t be able to judge the school. This may look good for the school, but what about how the students feel? Most kids-kindergarteners to teenagers-who have school uniforms wish that they never went to that school, because the uniforms are so strict, that kids can’t express themselves.

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Even if it’s the best school around. I know a few kids who can’t even wear bracelets to school, and others who can’t even have a little spot on their white shoes. Usually, these strict uniforms are used at religious schools. My personal opinion is that they want to keep the students pristine, making their religion look pristine, and that they don’t need all of the new technology that we have. Some kids who don’t have school uniforms sometimes wonder, what would it be like to have school uniforms.

Everybody wearing the same thing sounds interesting, but they probably think that school uniforms are unattractive, but it would still be cool to see what it would be like. These kids have friends that go to private schools that use uniforms, their friends always complain, “I hate my uniforms! You are so lucky that you don’t have to wear them!” and the kids usually think, Well, how bad could it be? to have to always wear the same thing? At least when you wake up, you don’t have to spend time picking out what you’re going to wear. These kids take expressing themselves for granted. If a school wants to have uniforms, I think they should have a simple one. For example, let’s say one school is giving out uniforms. They decide just to give them a blazer and a skirt/trouser to wear.

That still gives them the opportunity to choose a blouse or a t-shirt, and shoes. Schools could also take it a step further, and just have a little sweater with the school seal/mascot, and can wear whatever they want underneath, it still makes the school look systematic, while letting the student body each represent themselves as an individual. ? There’s compromise for everything, but why compromise your personality? We all have the right to express ourselves, and be able to have a school uniform to make the school look systematic. ?