Second teller’s

Bank has faced high absenteeism situation.

Even though absenteeism is the practice of regularly staying away from work, here I have identified the absenteeism as a main problem in the case. Therefore I have acknowledged what “Absenteeism Management” is?. There are many forms to prevent from the absenteeism. Here, I have Identified a few of them. Since the organization has faced the problems regarding the absenteeism, I have identified the possible solutions to get rid from that. But there are benefits and difficulties that the manager and the employees can face.

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Here the implementation f work life balance has gone the wrong way. The reason is, employees do not understand the right implementation of the concept. Because of that they are requesting more flexibility from the manager. For the problem of the case, I have selected ten Test practices manager can Implement. Apprentice employment Is ten best practice to solve the problem. But there are pros and cons of apprenticeship.

There are financial, labor disputes and disadvantages of contract basis employment. I have given a possible solution to get rid of those problems.

Finally, I recommend the possible solutions which can implement by the company. Problem Statement and symptoms The problem is four tellers out of seven, requesting leave at the same period. Mr..

Gamin’ as regional manager is facing a problem with requests leave 4 of his tellers out of the 7 at the same time. A. One female teller (A) has already gone on maternity leave and after the cession of the said leave quota she has to report back by next week, yet since her newly born baby was a premature one still she is keeping the child in the Neonatal unit of the Colombo Hospital and meanwhile she has made written request from Mr..

Gamin’ to extend her leave.

B. The second teller’s mother as fallen in the house and fractured her leg and this teller being the one and only child of the family had to look after her (B) mother and request at least one month leave. C. The third teller (C) has two little ones in the year 1 and 3 respectively and needs to go early by pm to collect her little ones after school since there was no one to take care of them after school as they have come to Colombo recently and the other thing is her husband was a supervisor of a factory who is usually reaching home late. D.

The fourth one (D), most competent teller to be a successor to Mr.. Gaming after him with good knowledge, skills and experience as identified by Mr.. Gamin’ is demanding to exempt herself for a few hours from daily work in order to continue her MBA.

Symptoms Employees do not have proper knowledge about absenteeism. And there is no proper procedure to manage absenteeism. Polices of absenteeism is not carefully established. There is not any flexible work arrangement at the workplace. Literature Review Work-life balance is adjusting day-to-day activities to achieve a sense of balance between work life and personal life.

There are benefits of work life balance management.

Those have reduced stress levels, at work and at home, Greater focus and concentration, Higher levels of Job satisfaction, The opportunity to participate more fully in family and social life, More time to pursue personal goals and hobbies and it is cause to Improve health of employees. Balancing the demands of a busy lifestyle is not an easy thing to do, but is best managed by regularly reviewing and assessing priorities. Setting goals around helps to identify what value highly. Managing time effectively is important.

It can be done through reviewing Job activities, give priorities and success factors and create a boundary between balancing work and personal time-leave work at work where possible.

Build resilience Ana nave a positive Attlee Is must. Pavlov stress, mental exhaustion Ana Turnout, fatigue affect to work productively. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, look after yourself, eat well, sleep well and set aside a little time to exercise or pursue an activity that can enjoy are other factors. Everyone experiences stress at some stage in their life.

It is a way for us to know that something in our life is causing us concern and is affecting owe we are thinking and feeling.

Stress is not always bad. In small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best, but when you are constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pays the price. Managing stress is about making a plan to be able to cope effectively with daily pressures. The ultimate goal is to strike a balance between life, work, relationships, relaxation and fun. By doing this you are more able to deal with daily stress triggers and meet these challenges head on.

Some strategies that can help to look after the mind and body, and in turn help to better control behaviors that result from too much stress.

Consequences Consequences of absenteeism is not only harmful to an employee’s career, but the organization’s bottom line. Alternatively, absenteeism could be an indication of managerial issues. As an example : low employee morale and toxic work environment. Regardless of the reason, there is no doubt that the effects of absenteeism at work are resoundingly negative. Absenteeism hits the financial aspects of the organization.

The absent member of staff has the potential to be paid for not producing any product. This can be 100% wages for a period of time which falls pro-rate as the absent period continues. Workers who regularly miss work or show up late risk being let go, forcing employers to go through the time and cost of hiring and training alternates. Complicating matters is the cost of having to pay an alternative employee to complete. Especially if short staffing forces managed to pay that individual over time.

Administration of the cover absenteeism, rescheduling other employee, possible extra pay for others to take on the added amount of work.

The added workload for peers is another problem. This adds greater pressure to others, requires a faster volume of the peers work to make time for the absent employee’s responsibilities to be covered. Frequent absenteeism can cause tension among co-workers. Employees who show up to work regularly and on time feel frustrated that a chronically late or absent employee is giving them an increased workload by forcing them to fill in. They may also pass Judgment on the person’s perceived laziness.

This anger can be aggravated further if no disciplinary action is taken.

Great chance error due to added work load or adding new responsibilities to novice employees product quality deterioration can be brought about by work peers handling higher workloads. Dissatisfied customers may be resulted from that. Potential for other employees to become over-burdened and risk of them taking time off which of course adds to the circular effect. For those on long term absentees there is the possibility that their employment will be terminated. This requires recruitment to start, followed by interview, induction and training to bring the new employee up to Tanat SKI level AT ten terminate employee.

Adjustments Impacts on the training and development of the employee base. If there is insufficient staff cover, employees may not be released for pickling which adds to the poor performance of the overall organization. These are generic points, many employers will bring a wider range of issues specific to their environment If the employee is suffering personal problems, without a certain degree of flexibility and support from management, this can be even more detrimental than unexcused absences. If managers show zero tolerance for any absenteeism, workers will feel compelled to come in regularly, even if they definitely should not be there.

Solutions To prevent difficulties like this, YET Bank could have followed procedures.

There are way outs which possible for the bank. A clear attendance policy. Flexible scheduling. Good documentation. Incentive programs should be tied to attendance.

Tie promotions to attendants. The employee is in charge of their destiny. Look at the current scheduling guidelines. Peer pressure drives individual accountability. Let employees come up with their own schedules.

Focus the real reasons for absence. Communicate regularly. Maintain contact with employees whilst they are absent from work. Take disciplinary action for unacceptable levels of absence.

Include team games.

Weight attendance on the scorecard. Share the statistics with departments/sections. Since the bank has introduced ” Work-Life-Balancing-Dual-Responsibilities” process for the employees, managers can not restrict on the situation. Because of the he can adopt “Flexible Work Arrangements” to handle. Flexible work arrangements are alternate arrangements or schedules from the traditional working day and week.

Employees may condos a Deterrent work conceals to meet personal or Tamely need Alternatively, employers may initiate various schedules to meet their customer deeds.

There are flexible work arrangements can implement as the manager of YET Bank. Since the teller is the employee of a bank who deals directly with most customers. There should be a proper schedule to satisfy the customers. The tellers should have experience in cash handling and should have pleasant character.

To take a solution there are information to recognize. 1 . How many tellers should be there at the same time – Assume at least five tellers should be there to handle customers. 2. What are the days the number of customers is high. 3.

Whether there are additional employees in other sections (Internal Recruitment). What is the financial position of the company at the moment. Solutions for teller A According to the case, teller A should get leave because of the unconscious situation she has faced. And she has made written request too. As a manager, Mr.

Gamin’ can not give her solution. Because of that she should be released from the problem. It is possible if manager can manage the problem with other three tellers. Pros and cons of the solution Teller A satisfied about the leave and she is happy. And she will expect to report to the work as soon as possible.

Other employees also expect more flexibility from the anger.

Solutions for teller B Asks teller B to take a person or relation to take care her mother. Or tell her to take her own solution to solve the problem without taking leave. Pros and cons of the solution Teller B is getting disappointed about the workplace and she will denominate to work. Solutions for teller C The manager can introduce flexible working schedule for the tellers.

Teller C expecting go early to take her children. And teller D expects few hours of a day. Therefore, it is possible if D can come to work after 12 o’clock while C can go home to take care of the children.

Pros and cons of the solution C and D are happy with the solution. And the tellers can treat customers successfully. B is not happy with the solution and she is disappointing.

It is harmful to organizations god will and the policies of the company. Because if the employees are going early and come in the evening is will get the bad image for the people. Ask teller C to find out a day care center near to the office for children and manager can give half hour interval to take children and placed them in a day care center. Or manager can arrange a place to keep children within the office.

And she can ask her elating to come and stay with them and take care her children. Solutions for Teller D Since the teller D required few hours of the day, it is better if the manager can give her one day leave for a week.

Hence, she works four days in a weak and get one day leave. Pros and Cons of the solution Even though she is happy with the solution other employees also expecting excuses. Alternative solutions 1 . Discuss with the tellers at the same time and ask them to get together, discuss and come up with a solution. And the same time inform them, at lest there should be five tellers in the office same time.

Pros and Cons of the solution That is motivating employees to take decisions and understand the importance of their attendance their own.

According to that manager can arrange the work schedule. Other employee’s attitudes can be changed. They will discourage of work and they will come up with solutions and the reasons for absentees. 2. Delegation the workload with other tellers in preferable schedule is another solution. It is possible arranged teller C and teller D on a roster basis for morning and evenings and B to at be home.

Then to fill the blank of a teller, delegate the work with another five tellers. Pros and Cons of the solution Teller C, teller D and Teller B also happy with the solution. Other tellers are getting frustrated. Because their workload is high. Other tellers getting pressure to finish work.

And there is a big possibility to make mistakes. 3. Hiring new employees is another solution for that. The situation has not been going for a long time. Because of that manager can not recruit permanent employee. Because of that, the manager can hire a person for a short time period.

There are possible employment types which possible: Probationers Apprentice Fixed Term Contract Casual Employees Seasonal Employment Outsourcing Pros and Cost of the solution There is an additional cost for the company. There are hiring cost, interviewing cost, salary and other administrative cost. But it is a long term investment to the company. New spirit of the company. Recommended Solution Since the attitude and the behavior of the employees are very hard to change, it is not perfectly work above most solutions.

Because of that I suggest hiring an employee is the best practice for the problem.

From the above employment types, “Apprentice” is the greatest practical solution. Apprenticeship Apprentice cannot be considered as a workman or an employee. Thus there is no contract of service between an employer and employee. An Apprentice is merely acquiring the knowledge of he/she is interested in and an employer merely undertakes to train him.

However some statutes including Industrial Dispute Act, PEP Act and Termination of Employment Act, have brought in an Apprentice within the tattletale AT a workman. Align on apprentices Ana trainees can prove real benefits for the company.

A new apprentice or trainee can contribute significantly to the bottom line, with practical skills and knowledge acquired through their training. Taking on a new apprentice may also mean eligible for a range of government financial assistance. They can be full-time, part-time or school-based.

But that is a cost for the company. Apprenticeships are available in many occupations in a broad range of industries. It can be increased labor disputes. By providing apprenticeship company can spread their good will and company can a word the certificate after the period.

That is beneficial for future recruitment. Precautions Training Needs Since the newcomer is an unskilled labor there should be orientation program and training program.

For that manager can allow senior employees to train new employees. Pros and Cons : That is wasting the time of experienced employee but at the same time it is an investment for the company. Administration Cost There is an administration cost which should outflow of the company. For the personal file and training documents are included to the administration cost.

Pros and Cons : Even though it is a cost should pay from the company, it is increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations.

Moral Issues Morale and employee relations problems arise when the temps working alongside armament employees for months, doing the same work and putting in the same hours, but not receiving the same benefits afforded their permanent employee’s co- workers. So it is better to explain the beneficial side of the apprentices and make the team work schedules. Pros and Cons : Again there is a time waste, but still the manager can make a friendly environment to each and every employee.

Legal Concerns Recent court decisions have highlighted the fact that the organization must be careful how they hire apprentices. There must be no doubt about the workers’ status ND about the lack of eligibility for the benefits of permanent employees.

And treat temp workers with the same respect and care the permanent staff. Pros and Cons : The manager has to pay more attention to the legal remnants. And that will hit to the efficiency of the operations. But by paying more attention to those problems, managers can prevent from complex situations. Inclusion Organizations are conducting updated techniques, methods and the process maintain the efficient and effectiveness of operations.

Human recourse management is one of the most important concepts of the company. Since the technological equipment and methods increase the productivity, there are arrangements to process and maintain employee satisfaction. HER Managers are responsible for making policies, designing and devising human resource strategies, contributing to the corporate plan of the organization, integrating human resource activities to the main purpose of the organization.

Work life balance concept is one of the best practices of HARM. Implementation of the work life balance concept is beneficial for both parties.

Efficient, innovative and motivated workforce is an asset to the company. And having a flexible work arrangement is facilitating employee satisfaction. They can easy to handle the day to day works. Before implement the process the management of the company should have proper knowledge about the concept and should identify the requirement of the employee. And they should conduct program to train their employees to implement the concept.

Management should have rearranged the policies and schedules to maintain the control the concept.

Then only company can increase the bottom line. Otherwise employee may expect more excuses and the flexibility and then they will miss their works. Within the work life balance environment it should be careful to maintain the absenteeism. It is better if management can get a solution from the organization without taking solutions from the outside. Job sharing, rescheduling, Job expanding, promotions and internal recruitment are the internal solutions for the absenteeism.