Seniors Should be aloud out for Lunch

Seniors should be allowed to eat lunch outside. Some reasons why I think they should be allowed. Seniors are the oldest in the school. Most of them can drive so they will make it back on time.

Also the juniors this year have been let down every year. What I mean by that is there freshman year they were suppose to be allowed to go out for lunch but they did away with letting freshman go out. Every year they have and now they are saying they are not allowed when they are seniors. I think letting the seniors out is a way of trusting them. Although some reasons why teachers and staff do not want any one out for lunch.

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The school doesn’t make a lot of business in the cafeteria. I think the biggest reason is what the seniors have done in the past. Some that I know of are the seniors this year had a cook out. This kid that I know went to Shadyside with his friends to beat a kid up. I think the teachers and staff are just tired of it. That is why I feel that seniors should be allowed to eat lunch outside