Should Jennings County Have School Uniforms

NO Should Jennings County Schools have school unforms? People have been asked that and are asking that themselves for a while. Well if you’re kind enough to keep on reading and not just say “ugh who wants to read this,” I will give you two really good reasons why we should not have school uniforms. My first reason is students won’t be able to express themselves correctly.

Students that can’t express how they feel in clothing will express themselves in other ways. Now me being an eighth grader in a school that doesn’t have uniforms can’t really tell you what they will do, but I can tell you if you do choose to give them uniforms, you will find out what those other ways are. My second reason is that some people think that clothing is the problem with bullying. NEWS FLASH clothing is not the cause for bullying. Take the people in jail. They have to wear uniforms, but the prisonors still get in fights.

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If you think about it, a prison is sort of like a school system. They get up in the morning like students have to you can even get your GED in jail. They eat lunch and breakfast and dinner in jail. The only difference is they live there, too. So, the problem isn’t the clothes, its the kids. They are way too judgemental.

Congradulations you finished (hopefully). If you agree with me then good you actually got what I was trying to say. If you didn’t, well thats ok, this just doesnt convince you that students shouldn’t have uniforms. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives, or non busy lives to read this.