Should Schools Have Uniforms?

Should Schools Have Uniforms? Would you want to be told what to wear? No, of course not, you can make that decision on your own. That is why uniforms should not be allowed. It is showing kids that adults do not trust them to make a simple decision. Kids all over the world are being told what to wear. I obviously disagree with this.

It is not good for our society that adults do not trust kids. If they cannot trust us with dressing ourselves then how are they going to trust us with bigger topics, like political type topics because, if they cannot trust kids to dress themselves then how are they going to trust us with voting when we get old enough. Our society is never going to get better if adults do not believe in the future of society. Not only that but when kids have uniforms they all look the same. I do not know about you but all my life I have been told that it is good to be different and to use you differences to you advantage.

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How are we supposed to do that if we all look the same? I think that all these reasons are very bad because, not only do adults not trust the future with simple decisions but doing this does not let kids show how they are different and that is very bad.