Small and Suffocating Bookstore

It has always bothered me that the bookstores at school are always so disorganized and so crowded all the time. They are always full of people shouting out what they want and pushing others to be able to order. In my opinion, the bookstores are way too small compared to the people that want to get something to eat at lunch or break.

Whenever I go out to break, I am always desperate to eat something since sometimes I don’t eat breakfast like many other students. I go to the bookstore, and see this huge bunch of people trying to order and there is no way I am going to be able to buy something and eat it in 10 minutes. The bookstores are too small to have all high school trying to buy something. Any student will know that it is impossible that all high school will be able to buy something in 20 minutes. Don’t you think we deserve a bigger bookstore and be able to buy something before entering class? Not only the bookstores are to small, but also they never have an appropriate order.

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Like the lower bookstore is just like a square, there is no line. There is just a bunch and if you really want something you have to push to get to order because then everyone will cut you. When you are outside the bookstore and you want to go in, but you see the bunch of people inside you probably just say to yourself, ” I am just going to cut through the side”. That is not fair for the people who have been doing the line for 10 minutes and they keep getting cut by other people. I feel bad for the people that Another reason people are s desperate to get something so fast is because there are only 10 minutes of break.

I think I can’t even eat something in 10 minutes. You have to buy something in the bookstore, eat and get to class in 10 minutes! That is almost impossible. Making the bookstores bigger will help all these problems. Probably there will still be a line, but way more organized. All the people would be able to buy without having to push or scream across the room. People in high school will have time to buy something and eat it in 10 minutes.

That is why I thing the bookstores should be bigger.