Snack Time

Being in high school gives students much more responsibility and freedom than being in grade school. But one thing I really miss about being in elementary school is the designated snack time that each classroom is given. I get hungry very fast and always feel the need to snack on something.

When I find myself without food in my tummy I get quite restless and find it extremely difficult to focus on the teacher. This year, I have seventh period lunch (again) and find it impossible, yes impossible, to go six periods without eating anything. I mean let’s face it, by second period my tummy is already yelling at me to eat food. No student or teacher wants to wait until seventh period for lunch. Instead, most of the seventh lunch “population” resort on eating snacks throughout the day to keep their stomachs satisfied. Fifth period is about the time when I wish I were back in grade school.

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I wish this because back then, each class had a designated “snack time” where each student could bring in a small snack to keep tummies satisfied. This wouldn’t only benefit my stomach, but also my brain. When I have a full stomach, it is easier for me to focus on whatever it is that I am working on. For example, if in math class we are learning an important lesson, but my tummy is growling, I pay more attention to the fact that I am hungry rather than the lesson that is being taught to me. Having a set snack time for high school students would keep us focused, on task and most importantly, full.

Some teachers may claim that while students snack on a baggie of pretzels during their class, it makes them less focused on the topic and more focused on that one pretzel that doesn’t have enough salt on it. While this may be true in some cases, like when the notes that day are particularly boring, most students find it helpful to have a little something in their tummies to help keep focused on the day ahead.